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Entrepreneurial Lessons that MBA Schools Don’t Teach

Unforgiven. Produced, directed by & starring Clint Eastwood. A movie that I love from thousands in my collection. Besides portraying many different true facets of life, this movie is a must-watch and classic cause it de-romanticizes the commonly believed folklore. There's a special section in the movie that I can now relate to post working… Continue reading Entrepreneurial Lessons that MBA Schools Don’t Teach

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Reinvent Yourself. Designed In California.

The 2nd week of June, thus far, has been exciting. First - I traveled to Kovalam from 7-9 June. Kovalam is a beach town by the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala, India, located around 16 km from the city center. Was a guest speaker at the first ever International Conference on Travel Technology (ICTT), India organized… Continue reading Reinvent Yourself. Designed In California.

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iPhone saved the Day

Important con-call. Skype call in fact. We couldn't connect with the guy from our DELL laptop running Windows. Some issue with the microphone or the speakers. But the call had to be taken. 3 souls desperately trying to connect. Suddenly, one of my colleagues suggested - "Hey Subhasish, don't you have Skype on your iPhone? Let… Continue reading iPhone saved the Day

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The Honest Advice.

Whether you're a CEO of a Fortune company, or a startup, or of a small Unit, or just a professional trying to move up the career (and monetary) ladder, here's a simple advice. Straight from the Heart of Steve Jobs to the newly become President & CEO of Nike, Mark Parker in 2010. Easy to say,… Continue reading The Honest Advice.

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Indian eCommerce Bust – Why has it come so SOON?

It was always predicted. It was always on the cards. But it would come so soon - probably, no one had predicted. Anyways, out of the 200 or so eCommerce startups founded in India in 2012 - 100 so far have gone bust. Most of them finished (read burnt callously here) the amount of capital… Continue reading Indian eCommerce Bust – Why has it come so SOON?

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Blogging: Art or Science?

Bloggers. They are everywhere. Writing on every topic under the Sun. Have met some awesome ones. Have met some terrible ones. So what's the difference? What differentiates a Blogging rockstar from a dud? Believe it or not - a good blog post has nothing to do with style of Writing. Your level of Written English… Continue reading Blogging: Art or Science?

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Mashable – The New Look: Love OR Hate?

Was always on the cards. Finally happened. Am glad it happened. A cleaner UI and an infinite-scroll from Clean. I like clean things - websites, UIs, a form, or my iPhone. To me - "less is more" rather than "enough is more". Mashable has made a good effort to clear off unwanted waste from… Continue reading Mashable – The New Look: Love OR Hate?