2012 Gone… Welcome 2013

sher-singh-02may-detail2012 passed rather quickly. Had moved to New Delhi to work for Exclusively.In Group (for Online Lifestyle brand, in first week of Jan 2012; took a few weeks to settle in South Delhi; met some amazing, talented and senior professionals whilst in Delhi… but found out that the Delhi heat ain’t for me… A good place to live and work for a while; but not secure enough for women, kids and definitely, NOT a place where I could live and thrive. Anyways, decided moving back to Bangalore in July. Thus took an offer with TOBOC International in Bangalore; and moved back. Was an excellent decision over all – since living and working in Delhi could make me understand – what I was missing… and why Bangalore is what it is – *special*.

Have had some amazing time with folks at TOBOC. Also a great time with the love of my life; as she’s visiting India. Future plans coming soon; and so is my plan to get a small cute car.

Look forward to 2013. For having a great time – professionally, personally and definitely with honey bunny.

2013 – Welcome with both arms.

And before I sign off – sincere solidarity with the parents of the Delhi gang-rape victim – a fighter who fought a battle with death for 13 days and passed away a few days ago in Singapore. Delhi was – and still is – the worst place for women in India; and till ‘hanged till death’ punishment is handed out to all rape convicts; am sure this would continue. Anyways, my heart goes out to her parents. All I can say is, as it says in the Bible – “Don’t loose faith. Even in the deepest of your doubts, have faith”.


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