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2019 WishList: As always, this year, I desire perusing a healthy combination of all types of genre. Psychological thrillers, fantasy, political memoirs, biographies and autobiographies of writers, artists, sportsmen and others; poetry, classical literature etc. Finished Reading: Salem’s Lot by Stephen King On Love and Sex: Selected Writings by Khushwant Singh Half a Rupee Stories by… Continue reading READING LIST 2019:

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Crime & Punishment Collector Edition

What's the one book you would never mind to read over and again? Why? A book that changed my life would definitely be ‘Crime & Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Translation by Constance Garnett). I read it for the first time whilst doing my undergrads in Moscow back in the Summer of 2002; and having read it… Continue reading Crime & Punishment Collector Edition

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What are your 10/10 novels?

I stopped counting a few years back. But since class VI, when I started reading seriously, currently I am 36; I must have, I believe read well over 5,000 novels, novelette and novellas in past 20+ years or so. My personal collection has 1,200+ novels; across my apartment in Bangalore, in Kolkata and 200+ novels in Oxford. Out of all the novels… Continue reading What are your 10/10 novels?

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Every year, I make a resolution of perusing around 100 novels. They are a mix of both English & Bengali novels across both genres: Literary Fiction & Non-Fictional genres. Here’s the list of 100 books/novels I desire perusing in 2018. Finished Reading as of today: Netaji Firechhilen (Bengali) by Anuj Dhar Lord of the Rings Box… Continue reading READING LIST 2018:

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30 Pearls of Leadership Wisdom from Robin Sharma

Reading a variety of self-help books, attending technical, or, non-technical, management and self-productivity & improvement courses and networking with like-minded individuals are a couple of "must do" things for someone who wishes to progress in life. Otherwise, you stagnate and die. As simple as that. In my personal collection of over 3,000+ books (yes, I… Continue reading 30 Pearls of Leadership Wisdom from Robin Sharma

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Entrepreneurial Lessons that MBA Schools Don’t Teach

Unforgiven. Produced, directed by & starring Clint Eastwood. A movie that I love from thousands in my collection. Besides portraying many different true facets of life, this movie is a must-watch and classic cause it de-romanticizes the commonly believed folklore. There's a special section in the movie that I can now relate to post working… Continue reading Entrepreneurial Lessons that MBA Schools Don’t Teach

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Set High Expectations

Set High Expectations. In Personal Life. In Professional Life. For yourself. For your girlfriend. For your lives together. For your friends, colleagues and network. Setting high expectations results in the Pygmalion effect, or Rosenthal effect, which is the phenomenon in which the greater the expectation placed upon people, the better they perform. The effect is… Continue reading Set High Expectations

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A Trip to Truly God’s Own Country – Kerala for the ICTT 2013

Sagittarius and travel goes hand in hand. Needless to say, I love traveling. In the past, I've lived & worked in different countries. Includes Moscow in Russian Federation, Oxford in the UK, Cheltenham in Gloucestershire in the UK, London, and different places in India (Kolkata, Mangalore, Bangalore, New Delhi etc) and the list goes on.… Continue reading A Trip to Truly God’s Own Country – Kerala for the ICTT 2013

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Reinvent Yourself. Designed In California.

The 2nd week of June, thus far, has been exciting. First - I traveled to Kovalam from 7-9 June. Kovalam is a beach town by the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala, India, located around 16 km from the city center. Was a guest speaker at the first ever International Conference on Travel Technology (ICTT), India organized… Continue reading Reinvent Yourself. Designed In California.


Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

If you love a good road trip, then you're definitely NOT alone. One of my favorite road trips is from Bangalore - Goa - Bangalore. Love the roads, which predominantly are 6-lanes and simply awesome. One can drive at over 130-140Kms/hr at constant speed for most times, barring the main junctions, and definitely when you're… Continue reading Bangalore to Goa Road Trip


Jump The Curve. Attend #DataOnCloud.

If you're in London // New York // Seattle on 9 May, 4 June & 5 June respectively, and wish to understand, brainstorm and define a Strategic Solution Roadmap for  Cloud adoption for your organization, then here's a series of Cloud Events NOT to miss. Microsoft and Aditi is pleased to invite you to "DataOnCloud",… Continue reading Jump The Curve. Attend #DataOnCloud.

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DNA of Apple – so rightly put by Bono

There are dreams that you Search for. There are dreams that Search for you. Some adore Steve Jobs. Some despise him publicly. But what most companies try and fail - is to emulate the core DNA of people & innovation that represent Apple. I had written an earlier blog post on how to 'Fight Off… Continue reading DNA of Apple – so rightly put by Bono

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iPhone saved the Day

Important con-call. Skype call in fact. We couldn't connect with the guy from our DELL laptop running Windows. Some issue with the microphone or the speakers. But the call had to be taken. 3 souls desperately trying to connect. Suddenly, one of my colleagues suggested - "Hey Subhasish, don't you have Skype on your iPhone? Let… Continue reading iPhone saved the Day

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Word of Caution: Questions to Ask Before Joining an eCommerce Startup in India

A word of caution for job seekers in India. I do get messages from time to time in LinkedIn - with people asking for advice. Should I join this startup? Should I take this offer? Will this eCommerce startup survive? Is this Daily Deals company worth joining and so on. I try answering all -… Continue reading Word of Caution: Questions to Ask Before Joining an eCommerce Startup in India

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Fight Off the Bozo Explosion; Hire for Attitude

Steve Jobs had an apt saying. "One bozo gets another bozo. Soon, you're surrounded by bozos. This is called a bozo explosion". Till Steve was alive, the best of the best of the best worked at Apple. Still does; and thus, its one of the most valuable and respected companies (read: Global Brands) worldwide. Bozo… Continue reading Fight Off the Bozo Explosion; Hire for Attitude

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The Honest Advice.

Whether you're a CEO of a Fortune company, or a startup, or of a small Unit, or just a professional trying to move up the career (and monetary) ladder, here's a simple advice. Straight from the Heart of Steve Jobs to the newly become President & CEO of Nike, Mark Parker in 2010. Easy to say,… Continue reading The Honest Advice.


Yahoo! A Case study in Lack of Focus.

Yahoo!"s main problem has always been the lack of FOCUS. It's a common joke - what is Yahoo! this year? Is it an internet company, or an internet portal, or internet media company, or media company, or aggregator of news? Only God almighty knows. Wait. Fucking Christ. Marissa Mayer calls it, "global technology company focused… Continue reading Yahoo! A Case study in Lack of Focus.

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Indian eCommerce Bust – Why has it come so SOON?

It was always predicted. It was always on the cards. But it would come so soon - probably, no one had predicted. Anyways, out of the 200 or so eCommerce startups founded in India in 2012 - 100 so far have gone bust. Most of them finished (read burnt callously here) the amount of capital… Continue reading Indian eCommerce Bust – Why has it come so SOON?