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JustEat.In – Horrible User Experience & Customer Service

Hungry we were. Very very very hungry. Earlier today. One of my colleagues and myself. Having worked on a project for a long long time, finally, we decided to take a break – and enjoy some good Chinese food. And since its raining here in Bangalore since past few days, cause of a cyclone build up, we decided – lets check out – which one of our co-workers had recently recommended. Anyways, I visited the site, clicked on the special offers currently running, and it led me to this page:

Checked the list of restaurants…

Picked GREEN CHILLYZ and clicked on it to see details.

Ordered 5/6 items, crossed Rs. 300/- for minimum order value (exact order value: Rs. 360/-), received Rs. 100/ off on this, so paid Rs. 260/- online using my credit card; filled in our delivery address and was so happy – cause it was so smooth. Also received an email with order confirmation + received SMS on my mobile number with order confirmation.

So Far, So Good.

Then, after a few minutes I received a call from a LAN number, which couldn’t take cause was on another call. Here’s what happened next –

a) Received a SMS saying – couldn’t reach your number, so order put on hold.

b) I called the call center number – 3 times – couldn’t get through.

c) Finally, someone picked up – hardly could hear him speak. He was nearly inaudible.

d) Finally, after checking the customer rep said – “Sorry, we can’t process the order!” I was like – why? Reason – the restaurant you chose, is outside the delivery area of the restaurant. I was like – “Dude, you must be fucking kidding, right?” A few questions –

  • How the f**k on earth do I know – as an end-user which area is under delivery area of which restaurant? Shouldn’t you put a slider OR do an input area match in your website – e.g. I entered “Ulsoor” and “pin code”, match that with the coverage area of the Restaurant which I’ve chosen – and represent – “Sorry, restaurant chosen is OUTSIDE delivery area”.
  • How the f**k on earth do I know – as an end-user the restaurants which are in my delivery area – which delivery area is specific for which restaurant? E.g. cafe A delivers in 3 Kms, cafe B delivers in 4.5 Kms; both of them being in Ulsoor.
  • The customer rep’s reply to my 2 questions was – “Sir, its mentioned in the Conditions – “Info & Reviews”. I was like – are you f**king serious? You expect your users to read the entire conditions; and then calculate the exact Kms and then place an order?

e) I told him – “Ok – no issues. Your product manager / or whoever designs the User Experience sucks – but can we get the order delivered – and we pay by cash”. We got reply – Sorry, this restaurant doesn’t do delivery under X amount.

  • How the f**k on earth am I supposed to know – this restaurant doesn’t do delivery by cash? Where is that written? Do I need to read the ‘Condition’ for this as well?

Anyways, issues like these show why Indian eCommerce companies still are struggling to understand the market, break-even and more importantly, retain customers; i.e. loyalty is A BIG FUCKING ZERO cause the customer service and user experience is horrible. Simply terrible.

Will I ever visit Never in a 1,000 years. An eCommerce company that expects its users to read ‘Conditions’ before placing a basic food ordering and calculating the distance themselves before ordering food – am much better off without such companies.

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