Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

If you love a good road trip, then you're definitely NOT alone. One of my favorite road trips is from Bangalore - Goa - Bangalore. Love the roads, which predominantly are 6-lanes and simply awesome. One can drive at over 130-140Kms/hr at constant speed for most times, barring the main junctions, and definitely when you're… Continue reading Bangalore to Goa Road Trip


My Navy Blue suit

I have a few suits... but they are kinda old already... 3 of them I purchased when in the U.K., rest 2 were tailored in India... so I thought of getting 3 new ones done... love to wear suits, I must admit!!! So walked into the nearest RAYMOND showroom near my house earlier today; and… Continue reading My Navy Blue suit


Love the Bangalore weather

Having lived in Moscow, Oxford, London, Kolkata and a few other places, must say, and admit as well, I completely love the Bangalore weather... especially the mornings! A cool breeze is always welcome and definitely, I can adorn my suits or blazer and go to work... Hate when the weather's stuffy.... )) Wish it could… Continue reading Love the Bangalore weather