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Volunteer Experience in LinkedIn

LinkedIn launched Volunteer Experience & Causes, a section which allows users to add unpaid and charitable work experience they have done in their careers so far, in September 2011. Received this email on 1st Dec 2011, asking me to fill my Volunteer experience on my LinkedIn profile. Is it really important - is the question? Technically… Continue reading Volunteer Experience in LinkedIn

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ONLINE CHAT feature on LinkedIn – Is it COMING?

Facebook has finally included the long-awaited and overdue 'Subscribe Button'. What next - Is LinkedIn going to add an ONLINE CHAT feature similar to Facebook anytime soon? Well, cannot say as of now, but it's pure speculation. ONLINE CHAT - It's definitely one of the most important features that I miss at times being on LinkedIn… Continue reading ONLINE CHAT feature on LinkedIn – Is it COMING?

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Fake “Location” in LinkedIn profiles

This happened a few weeks ago, decided to write about this today, since have some time in the morning... A few days ago, I was chatting with a colleague of mine from one of our client locations in India (city & company withheld) through Skype. Nice chap with nice chip on his shoulders, our conversation… Continue reading Fake “Location” in LinkedIn profiles