2012 Gone… Welcome 2013

2012 passed rather quickly. Had moved to New Delhi to work for Exclusively.In Group (for Online Lifestyle brand, in first week of Jan 2012; took a few weeks to settle in South Delhi; met some amazing, talented and senior professionals whilst in Delhi... but found out that the Delhi heat ain't for me... A… Continue reading 2012 Gone… Welcome 2013

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Obituary: Vijay Marada; A Good CTO, and Friend

The CTO of one of the start-ups that I worked for in Bangalore in 2010, passed away from cardiac arrest a few days ago. An extremely friendly chap, he was my reporting Manager at Always helpful, a happy-go-luck fellow, Vijay Marada, contributed a lot to the start-up, often staying up late - and mostly… Continue reading Obituary: Vijay Marada; A Good CTO, and Friend

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Site Down for Maintenance.

Early morning - I get up. Make my cuppa tea. Open Yahoo! mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, TechCrunch, Mashable on multiple tabs in Safari. Get this from Facebook & LinkedIn... both down for maintenance, it seems! Down for maintenance is good - since sites need some downtime for back-end software upgrades, UI changes, UI fixes, middle-tier business… Continue reading Site Down for Maintenance.