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Site Down for Maintenance.

Early morning – I get up. Make my cuppa tea. Open Yahoo! mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, TechCrunch, Mashable on multiple tabs in Safari. Get this from Facebook & LinkedIn… both down for maintenance, it seems!

Down for maintenance is good – since sites need some downtime for back-end software upgrades, UI changes, UI fixes, middle-tier business logic changes and so on. In fact, I worked for a B2B portal called in Bangalore in 2009 as ‘Web2.0 Marketing Manager’. The site was aesthetically brilliant, but had a horrible ‘down for maintenance’ page. Simply said – come back later in text on a black background. And since we used to have maintenance regularly owing to updates of features on site, a monthly rollout cycle etc., a need was felt to create a good and more importantly, an aesthetically pleasing 404 page.

This is the one which I had created. Simple photoshop job, took me 10 minutes to create. And since then, whenever the site used to go down for maintenance, software upgrades, UI changes etc. we used to put this up.

Does your company have a funny, aesthetically looking ‘down for maintenance’ & 404 page? This is an excellent article for finding some awesome 404 page examples. Do check it out!

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