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The Honest Advice.

Whether you’re a CEO of a Fortune company, or a startup, or of a small Unit, or just a professional trying to move up the career (and monetary) ladder, here’s a simple advice. Straight from the Heart of Steve Jobs to the newly become President & CEO of NikeMark Parker in 2010.

Easy to say, but tough to do.
Most people and companies that fail; fail not because of the lack of ideas, or funding, or innovation, but because of LACK of vision; and failing to focus on what is important, and cutting the crap.


If you’re a key decision maker – try to separate the good from the bad; focus on building what is good, and cut the crap. Which is also extremely important when it comes to Focusing on a single (or couple of things), prioritizing things, and most importantly, completing them to perfection. Its the art of SAYING NO, as Steve Jobs used to say. Learn to say NO to a 1000 things.

Recently, I was at a 10-minute lunch with the CEO of India’s finest Cloud Computing and Consulting Tech company and within Top3 in the world in the same category – whilst he ate his 2 parathas for lunch, we discussed many things. Our discussion turned to a web development and digital marketing agency they have, which for reasons {unknown} have not lived up to its expectations. Question was – Would I be interested to take it up as a challenge and turn it around? I humbly refused giving the honest advice of Steve Jobs. Web site development and digital marketing is NOT the company’s core competency. It’s not even in their list of priorities to do for the future. Selling websites in India and competing with dime a dozen agencies would not only be non-beneficial for the net margins, but would harm the brand in the long run – which is a more dangerous thing. Thus, if I were you, as I told him, I WOULD immediately shut it down. I said, “Do what you Love. You’ve got to find what you Love. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it; as said by Steve Jobs”. Whilst saying this, I knew very well, this could cost me a very handsome and a Senior level job with them. Anyways, the Head Marketing of that company is a friend of mine – and as it turned out, they really shut the agency (that unit) down. It was in his plate of things to do for a long long time, which for, again, reasons {unknown}, had been postponed. Was it a good solution? I would say, 100.1%.

Focus is key, as Steve Jobs always used to say.
Focus on your company’s key financials; shut down ‘cost center’s over time, and focus on ‘profit centers’.
Focus your company’s best resources to it as well.

If still not convinced, see the above clip again.

Most importantly, if you’re seeking a career change, ask questions; lots of questions before accepting an offer.
. Is the core competency of the Unit or Company’s Vision in line with your career aspirations?
. If you’re deciding to make a change, and stuck in a rut, before making the final decision; ask – is the company focused overall? Is yes, what is its core competency? And is the competency aligned with the best people on-board with best tools with the best vision to make it happen? If yes, stay on. Otherwise, quit, then, find a company aligned with your vision, and join them.

As Steve Jobs said,

“Do what you love. You’ve got to find what you love. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it”.

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