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Why Pinterest Visits are Slowing Down

There’s nothing more irritating in this world than when you wish to showcase your portfolio or photos to your friends, and the site doesn’t load or fails to load the images.
Simply looking – you just look like an idiot. And once the moment passes, no one practically cares after a certain point.

Amongst all social networking sites – the one that irritates me the most – is Pinterest.
Have been using it, practically 24/7 for past 7 months (since its very infancy) and absolutely love the concept, UI, layout changes in the recent past etc.
My Pinterest a/c –

But what really irritates me is – still it hangs, pics fail to load, pins fail etc.

The worst part is – the pictures loaded on the different ‘‘ fail to load.
Thus, most of the times, you end up with a screen like this –

There’s been enough speculation in the recent few months – that traffic & page views for Pinterest is slowing down. An alexa R&D proves the point.

Daily reach, which once boasted of a perfect ‘hockey-stick’ growth, has fallen.
Pageviews/user has stagnated and fallen. Mostly since users get tired of waiting for images to load, and then move off to other sites to continue browsing.
And the most important stats of all – ‘time on site’ which should increase if Pinterest is ever to become the next Facebook – has stagnated and fallen.

These 3 above-mentioned stats should send the ‘alarm bells’ ringing at Pinterest.

In fact, I, personally have got more than 20 of my former colleagues in social media, friends and family members join the Pinterest bandwagon. But, most of them came back with the same complaint – the site sucks dude! Pins fail to load, this fucking doesn’t work, that fucking doesn’t work and so on. I tried writing messages to (when they had a ‘Sumbit Feedback’ form previously), but am guessing people worldwide were sending such complaint emails, so they decided removing it.

Ben, please do some customer service for the site. And invest in Akamai accelerators, and get the media caches to work. I can’t wait for when the pics will load and then pin images on Pinterest.
Fix these problems; otherwise am sure this site is destined to become the next Google+.

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