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iPhone 5 Release Date – On Steve Jobs’ First Year Death Anniversary?

iPhone 5 is on the way. Soon. But when - the release date, is the million dollar question. There are a few rumors in the market - pertaining to the reason and exact date of the official release of iPhone 5. Personally, having followed Apple's past history of product announcements, I feel: Apple will NOT… Continue reading iPhone 5 Release Date – On Steve Jobs’ First Year Death Anniversary?

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Bean Bags – Love it Or Hate it?

I like Bean Bags. So got 3 of them for my new flat in New Delhi for guests to sit when pals drop in for beer! Here's some pics from my room... a 32" LCD is missing... which I will get soon...

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Mac OS X Lion Updates – [Mac Only]

This pertains to you if you're using Apple Mac OS X Lion, version 10.7.2. Applicable to both iMac & MacBook Pros. Apple has released updates for your software which includes: 1. MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update, ver 2.3, size: 4.1 MB This update fixes several issues to improve the stability of MacBook Pro (early 2011)… Continue reading Mac OS X Lion Updates – [Mac Only]

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Home Office @ Bangalore

Since past 3 months, am working for a NY-based Social Media CRM SaaS start-up - Sprinklr; the folks are amazing, and the work's exciting. Besides, we can work from home as well! Though this is great news for a few of our folks who live pretty far away from our offices in Indiranagar, but not much… Continue reading Home Office @ Bangalore


Upgrade to Apple iphone4. Help

Okay. I admit, I love Apple. Not per se, I meant, but 'Apple' as a company, products, and the services it offers to its end-users. So been a while, I have been using an ipod nano, ipod shuffle, Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and recently got my iphone 3GS, after upgrading from my older 3G. Now,… Continue reading Upgrade to Apple iphone4. Help