Yes, I have to admit, I have a few comps… PCs, laptops, and everything in between… Recently I posted the pics in a Mac forum… thought would be nice to post it here as well… here’s the pics of my 2 rooms with 5 PCs, and 2 laptops. :))))) Yes, I do get a lot of electricity bill month-end… 🙂

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About sghoshoxon

Born in India, educated in Moscow, worked in the UK; Subhasish speaks English, Russian, Hindi & Bengali. Marketing // Strategy // Consulting, Active Blogger, Social Media Evangelist, Apple fan; Thanks to all for reading my blog posts, with '' reaching 74,000+ visits since inception. Follow me @nerdometer.

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  1. murali v. says:

    dude, nice setup. love the background lightings. did you get that done here in Bangalore?

    • sghoshoxon says:

      thanks mate!
      yeah, i got this done… its custom made… nothing hi-fi. just simple under the bar lightings, but looks lovely at night….
      if u want, let me know, i will pass on the carpenter’s number. he’s an excellent fellow and charged only iNR 2,000 for the entire wood casing with 3 concealed lightings in it… )))

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