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Time has come for Steve Ballmer to GO?

Microsoft is languishing at the bottom of the table when it comes to creating sustainable, creative, and innovative software.
Not something that is new.
Been there for a while.

Steve Ballmer – since becoming CEO in January 2000 hasn’t done much. Besides the stock sliding further and further towards oblivion. Is it time for Steve Ballmer to go? Have had been asked by too many authors, bloggers, Venture Capitalists in the past?’s take on the World’s Worst 5 CEOs who should be FIRED. Needless to say, Steve Ballmer topped the list.

With the Microsoft Board still not clear on how to turn this big ship around, comes the new tablet from Microsoft. Definitely not an Apple iPad killer, how is this tablet supposed to make a difference in this world – is still not clear. But its definitely a big risk from Microsoft – to venture out into the hardware arena with this tablet.

What Microsoft needs now is – to consider its priorities, shut down useless projects, invest in 4 core areas which they can improvise on and build on –

1) Handheld devices
2) Cloud computing
3) Microsoft Operating System
4) Ancillary  software products

Microsoft music player Zune was a major flop (launched with much fan fare in 2006 but discontinued in 2011), and so was Kin (discontinued within 2 months of launch in 2010).
Could ‘Surface‘ – the new tablet have a more fruitful life? Or is it going to be a downer as well.

As of now, the tablet market share worldwide in 2012:

Heavily dominated by Apple iPad, iPad2 & iPad HD (iOS).

Lets look at the stock prices from Apple when Steve Jobs was fired in 1985, to his return to Apple for the 2nd time in August 1997. And comparative time scale since Steve Ballmer has become the CEO of the software giant, Microsoft.

If these 2 graphs can’t explain it to you, then probably, nothing wouldn’t. Steve Ballmer is a good salesman, but, simply doesn’t have the mojo to be an ‘inventive, visionary leader‘ that MSFT needs. Looks like Steve’s long run has eventually come to an end; sooner or later, he’s gonna be fired by the Board of Directors (the Investors already asking for his immediate removal since a long time). The ‘Surface‘ to me personally, is destined for failure.

Apple Inc. stock price: APPL = $ 585.78 (19 June 2012)
Microsoft Corporation stock price: MSFT = $ 29.84 (19 June 2012) 

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