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Blowing Your Trumpet – A ‘Think Different’ End of Season SALE Announcement

In the world of END OF SEASON SALE advertisements / Facebook CPC ad promotions / email marketing newsletter promotions and what not, a Brand that dares to ‘Think Different‘ – Sher Singh shows how to get creative enough, without spending much to announce its End Of Season SALE to its customers – new and old.

Sher Singh is India’s & the World’s First CRICKET Inspired Global Lifestyle brand from INDIA. The site looks classy; merchandise – Mens, Womens and for Kids on display looks mouth-watering as well.

For their End of Season SALE – Sher Singh decided NOT going the usual way i.e. create a SALES creative, and pasting it all over the internet.
And expecting people to see it on Facebook, Twitter, Blog & Email – and land up on site and purchase items.
See screenshot of different End of Season SALE creatives below.

Does anyone stand out?
Unfortunately NONE does.

What Sher Singh chose to do is this.

One of the SherSinghers, Sachida Bista, a member of the Creative team, a multi-faceted individual with writing, modeling & stylizing skills – and blessed with a natural ability of playing the saxophone without it, of course – is the central theme of the series of clips.

The End of Season SALE was released as a teaser clip on the day, previous to the day when the actual SALE went live.

With the follow up being the actual longer clip of Sachida playing out the entire tune on the day of the SALES.
The video finishes with Sachida finishing his performance; and the SALE being announced on the video.

What strikes the viewer is – the dude doesn’t have a saxophone in his hand. Then, where the heck is the sound coming from?
Either the dude produces it from his own; or the sound has been put in.
But if we notice closely, we see, the dude actually pauses for a few nano-seconds in between to pull in air to his lungs. Thus, the performance is genuine.

Besides being innovative, this manner of using a unique style of announcing an End of Season SALE is not only unmatched by any other E-commerce portal(s) out there – whether in INDIA or abroad, but also, rich in quality, uniqueness & thus, shows the social savvy-ness of the brand in general. Sher Singh aspires to be unique in its promotions, branding and offerings and not just another X,Y,Z e-commerce portal out there selling items for raking in money till the boom lasts.

Have you seen such a unique End of Season SALE announcement ever?

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