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Steve Jobs’ glasses… Got one… :)

Wanted to get a pair since a long long long time. But never could get the time to visit the local optician, get my eyes kinda tested (last time I did that was in 2005 when still at the University in England); and so finally, made up my mind.

Sunday afternoon, walked into the local opticians on Cambridge Road in Cambridge Layout in Ulsoor (in Bangalore); and got my eyes tested. And then came the choice of frames and lenses. I explained to the owner – that I needed to get round glasses. He was like – hmmmmmm… so showed him Steve Jobs’ glasses on my iPhone… and he was like – wow! We can do this.

So placed an order – and picked it up today. Perfectly fits; and looks as well. Stylish. Niche. And definitely, made to perfection.

> essilor fibre lens = 9,000/-
> feather light titanium frame = 8,000/-
> making/fitting charge = 2,000/-
TOTAL = (taxes included) = Rs. 20,000/- (approx USD 370, EUR 284)

Love it 🙂

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