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JustEat.In – Horrible User Experience & Customer Service

Hungry we were. Very very very hungry. Earlier today. One of my colleagues and myself. Having worked on a project for a long long time, finally, we decided to take a break - and enjoy some good Chinese food. And since its raining here in Bangalore since past few days, cause of a cyclone build… Continue reading JustEat.In – Horrible User Experience & Customer Service

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iPad Mini – Did Apple Really Need It?

Apple iPad Mini. Priced at $329. Understood - Apple wishes to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus 7; but the question is - 'Did Apple really need this one?' I believe this is a terrible decision by Apple. And Steve Jobs if alive, would have had been extremely mad. Before he died,… Continue reading iPad Mini – Did Apple Really Need It?

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Essential iPhone Apps

10 iPhone apps that you should have. See complete article here. > Bing > Dashlane > Evernote > Facebook > Find My iPhone > Flipboard > Onavo > Snapseed > WebMD > Yelp Which one if your favorite iPhone app? Personally, I'm a big fan of: > Facebook > LinkedIn > Pinterest > QRReader >… Continue reading Essential iPhone Apps


“Double Face”

Double Face. Literally in English means - "A Hypocrite". A bastard who says something, and means or does something else. Am a typical Sagi by birth - born 24 November; so yes, have all the traits of a typical Sagi - extremely ambitious, career minded, focused in work, life and relationships; but also reckless, impulsive… Continue reading “Double Face”