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Mashable – The New Look: Love OR Hate?

Was always on the cards. Finally happened. Am glad it happened. A cleaner UI and an infinite-scroll from

Clean. I like clean things – websites, UIs, a form, or my iPhone. To me – “less is more” rather than “enough is more“.

Mashable has made a good effort to clear off unwanted waste from the homepage. Their new ‘homepage’ (re)design suggests that a lot of thought on user-experience has gone into it. With a more-or-less – ‘Pinterest’ look and feel; infinite scroll is the future and the web’s own slot machine.


In most of the recent implementations – I find, most companies are choosing either “auto-loading” or “triggered-loading”. Both has its own set of pros and cons. Personally, I love “triggered-loading”. Especially, in my previous organization,, we used this “triggered-loading” approach whilst redesigning the entire website. Result was excellent. Faster loading time, and greater UX for end-user, thereby resulting in more time on site, lower bounce rate and eventually, more conversions.


Auto-loading on the other hand, on lower bandwidths can cause endless problems. Especially encountered endless Firefox crashes on Mac.

Another excellent example of triggered-loading is the website – which was released just a few days ago.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 12.55.19 AM

Which one is your favorite infinite-scroll loading style – “auto-loading” or “triggered-loading”? Why?

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