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Thanks Amit@ELITIFY; for the Surprise Birthday Gift

A pleasant surprise from ELITIFY. Indeed. On 24th November – my birthday, received a surprise gift. Had a lovely leather card holder, courtesy of Amit Rawal, CEO & Founder of, based out of New Delhi.

One brand that is making a sincere effort to stand out from the current eCommerce clutter in India and create a niche for itself and its community is ELITIFY. Before moving to Bangalore for work in August; I met ELITIFY’s CEO & Founder, Amit Rawal at his offices. Founded in April 2012, ELITIFY prefers keeping things simple. Simple offices – less number of people – extremely important to keep costs down. The driving force behind ELITIFY is passion – to create something unique – something niche – something extremely chic for Today’s Successful Man. In fact, ELITIFY is not targeting that 75-80% of the bargain hunters of the eCommerce basket size. Rather the extremely posh, niche, HNI class of Indians; who aspire not only for the aspirational items from International Brands; but wouldn’t mind to save time to buy their favorite items online rather than visit showrooms and shop for these items in malls.

The packaging is absolutely lovely… loved the THANK YOU card… thanks Amit & Anahat for such a wonderful gift.

The USP for ELITIFY lies in the fact – Indian middle class is definitely increasing, but Indian upper class is getting richer as well. And with more people moving from the upper middle class to the HNI class; the desire to own something aspirational always increases with time. E.g. you’re a Senior Consultant at KPMG; recently promoted to Partner; wouldn’t you mind wearing those Gucci shoes you always aspired for? Or maybe, go for the Rolex you always desired for. That’s where ELITIFY comes in; and helps you become chic, sexy and feel gorgeous.

So which brands are currently being showcased on ELITIFY? Categories currently under display include – ACCESSORIES, SHOES, CLOTHING, GADGETS & GIFTS. Some of the world’s most chic, luxury & premium brands are included. Cufflinks from Paul SmithStriped Tie from BurberrySnake Skin Patterned Wallet from EtroWhiskey Flask from Neiman Marcus, timepieces from Hugo Boss & Emporio Armani, Jack Daniels, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s, J Crew, Apple, Jawbone, Sony, Bose, Burberry, Prada, Versace, Cole Haan, Bvlgari and others, to name a few.

So, without further ado – if you’re passionate about Quality rather than price and quantity; make sure you do check out ELITIFY… Trust me! Amit’s team wouldn’t disappoint you.

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