“Double Face”

Double Face. Literally in English means – “A Hypocrite“.
A bastard who says something, and means or does something else.

Am a typical Sagi by birth – born 24 November; so yes, have all the traits of a typical Sagi – extremely ambitious, career minded, focused in work, life and relationships; but also reckless, impulsive and at times, short tempered and egoistic. But one of the traits that I do possess – and have been reinforced over the years – is am honest, direct and straightforward. Have lost a few friends owing to this nature; but has benefited me rather than being the backbiting, backstabbing nature that a lot of other Zodiac signs have. In fact, Sagis are known for their bluntness; and thus its said – if you’re to marry a Sagi, you ought to be extremely thick skinned as well.

Anyways, one thing that I’ve never ever ever been called is – Hypocrite. I consider this word more derogatory than the worst of abuses – cause it takes away from me, my own self image and self esteem the core basis of living; i.e. self respect; and purpose of living.

But for the first time, someone did call me that. Really? Yes. Interested how?
Read on.

I recently went for a dinner with 2 friends of mine – yeah, it was my mistake to have thought that they were my friends, when neither of them were. Which is quite an irony – in itself in fact. Anyways, one was brunette; the other one a typical blonde. Both typical ones. The brunette – fiery little thing, speaking and enjoying. The blonde – extremely manipulative, quiet and measuring me up. We were chatting about life, their travels in India and thus; the general discourse ran as thus –

Brunette: I love Kolkata. Have been there*.

Blonde: Yeah, I love the slums in Kolkata (quite elaborate discussion hereat on her experience in the slums in Kolkata).

Myself: Yes, Kolkatans are the nicest people on Earth. Have warm hearts. If you ask for directions in Delhi, no one fucking cares. In Bangalore, maybe 2 out of 10 people would reply. In Kolkata, average 9/10 people would guide you to the place themselves.

Brunette: And then we met a woman who showed us her house… it was so small but had a refrigerator inside… she was so happy, cause she wanted to show it… she was proud of the refrigerator…

Blonde: Yeah… and we went with her to see her fridge…

Myself: See? You girls complaining about finding 3BHK and 4HBK flats here in Bangalore; and some people are so poor, they can’t even afford a 10X10feet little hut…


I sat there for a few seconds – absolutely shell shocked, spell bound, looking for the right words.
Couldn’t find them.
Kept on asking – “Me? Double Face? Me? Double Face? Me? Double Face? No. Other things yes, but not even fucking God can’t prove this.”
Yes, we spoke about career aspirations – I wish to retire soon enough with a Merc S Class which is one of the things on my Dream lists. Anyways, it has got nothing fucking to do with slums in Kolkata. And yes, I do donate Rs. 5,000/- every year to ‘Save The Children’ for kids’ education – the blonde forgot this.

Anyways, we spent the next 1 hour trying to understand where that word came from.
The blonde & brunette pair’s justification was – “We’re not native English speakers. Blonde meant – “multi-faceted” but “double face” came out.”
I went through these sentences a few thousand times in my head – and felt – blonde meant to say – ‘double face’. Not multi-faceted.

My points were –

a) Her English is pretty good – written, spoken and in accent. How come she didn’t make a slip of tongue in any other aspects?

b) The way a person says a thing, say a lot. It was meant in the way – “hey! you’re a hypocrite” and not “wow! you’re such a kind man”… Even if a mistake of slipping of tongue could have happened, I agree. But not in this case. Its like coming to someone’s house to kill with a revolver, and then saying to the person – ‘hey, I came to see whether you’re ok?’

c) And lastly, what convinced me was – she’s a Scorpio. Scorpios are famous for being extremely manipulative and yes, try mending everything they say, but countering judgements and cross-examinations always.

d) Vino Veritas – as the Latin saying goes. She was a bit drunk, thus, came out the real truth.

Anyways, I bid them goodbye; and escorted them to their hotel (since it was past mid-night); and then went home. Sent a very strong SMS from home – and yes, when early morning next day called them for apologies, neither picked up.

WHAT hurt the most is – Its a fact Europeans are extremely cold-hearted; but didn’t quite expect this from 2 people whom I considered my friends; and helped so much for finding a house when they were on the verge of being cheated by all the house brokers in Bangalore. Anyways, either its that Blondes are dumb, or Europeans don’t have the power of self assessment; that this happened.

Anyways, am not on speaking terms with the blonde anymore; she sent a SMS saying – “she’s sorry, hurt and angry that this happened”. But when I look back – I still see – she meant it. And the calculative and selfish person usually Scorpios are; they choose words extremely carefully.

All in all, I learnt a few big lessons in life –

a) Do NOT blabber unnecessarily whilst drinking.
Many do – and then regret it later.

b) Do NOT help people unnecessarily. Its a major character flaw in Sagis, but I need to work on it. Either way its a fail.
Whom you help – he/she will think – you have a hidden motive.
Others think – scoundrel is helping cause has a hidden motive.

c) Do NOT go out drinking with people – who are NOT your real friends. This is one of the biggest mistakes I made. And this is one of my life’s biggest learning from living in Moscow from 2001-2005 during my engineering years: YOU NEVER ACCEPT DRINKING INVITATION FROM SOMEONE WHO IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

I still remember those days from 2001-2005 – when my Russian friends stood in front of me to protect me from the ‘wave of hooliganism and Skin Heads in Moscow all those years. There were days when have picked up people from the streets – bleeding to death from clashes with the Fascists/Russian SkinHeads past mid-night. Always stood for my foreigner friends in Moscow – cared, loved, protected all of them – and eternally thankful to my Russian / Ukrainian / Armenian / Chechen friends – whether working for the FSB or the Russian bratva – who were always there – night and day to provide protection – with guys and arms – to fight back. We did and still am in touch with a few; and yes, one of the basic things of loyalty that I learnt was – ‘Blood is thicker than Water. But Loyalty in Friendship is thicker than Blood. Never let someone down, even if it means at the cost of your life‘. I still remember the person who told me this – will never forget it. He was my friend for 4 years – saved my life in 2004; and though I couldn’t pay back anything cause I never had much money during my education; but we’re still in touch.

Our Brigada of Lefortovsky Stadium… I owe my Life to the guys & girls here… the best group ever…
Thanks to Roman – my one of 1,000 Russian friends in Moscow. During 2003 troubled times; owe him eternal thanks for saving my ass multiple number of times. Celebrating a party with vodka shots – one by one, all to be completed in 25 seconds.

Anyways, still when I think back about this particular incident – I feel I was right.
The blonde meant it.
Do I really care? Fucking HELL no.
I really do miss my Russian friends a lot sometimes – wish all could learn, what the fuck the word ‘loyalty‘ means from the Russians.

I recently read a line on Facebook. It was apt.
Don’t expect LOYALTY, TRUST & FAITH from cheap people. These things are expensive. Cheap people CANNOT afford them.

*Sentences are put as essence and not in their actual form.

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