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Home Office @ Bangalore

Since past 3 months, am working for a NY-based Social Media CRM SaaS start-up – Sprinklr; the folks are amazing, and the work’s exciting. Besides, we can work from home as well! Though this is great news for a few of our folks who live pretty far away from our offices in Indiranagar, but not much of an advantage for me since our office is like 5 mins walking distance from my apartment. Anyways, it definitely does save a lot of time being wasted owing to the crazy Bangalore traffic! So all in all, wouldn’t trade places with any organization on earth right now! Thus, a need for a spacious place to work from home was felt.

Thus, started my research on home office designs in Google. And what I saw was kinda made me feel sad, since besides ample space, I needed to invest a few bucks as well, for getting all the custom made furniture and wood work done. Finally, I managed to re-decorate and re-design my work space at home without spending much – got a few new pieces of furniture and re-adjusted the old ones to setup a L-shaped section in my hall. Also got a new executive chair! 😉 Since I live in a rented apartment in Bangalore, cannot do much of a decoration and renovation! Thus, had to kill the Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci inside of me! 😦 Wish IKEA was in India… 😦 Could have done all my shopping there!

Anyways, here’s my current setup… not gorgeous, but definitely keeps me happy 🙂

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left-to-right: Compaq 15″ widescreen, Samsung 17″ widescreen, Apple MacBook Pro (Mac OS X Lion, 8GB RAM, Intel core i7), Asus X52F 15.6″ widescreen. Recently ordered BenQ 2700HD 27″ LCD… will replace my Samsung LCD by next week 🙂

This is what I need… IKEA Jerker L-desk… unfortunately, not sold in India… shit! 😦

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