LinkedIn launched Volunteer Experience & Causes, a section which allows users to add unpaid and charitable work experience they have done in their careers so far, in September 2011. Received this email on 1st Dec 2011, asking me to fill my Volunteer experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Is it really important – is the question? Technically yes.

  • A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. professionals found that around 41% said they use charitable work experience when evaluating candidates for a position.
  • In fact those same professionals say charitable work matters just as much as paid work with 20% revealing that they have hired workers based on volunteer experience.
  • A LinkedIn survey found that of the 2,000 people surveyed nearly 89% had volunteer experience but only 45% included that information in their resume (source).

Also this feature will greatly help people primarily working on social causes – more on a part-time basis along with their full-time work. This often goes unnoticed and thus, unappreciated in the Corporate world.

Do you have ‘Volunteer Experience’ on your LinkedIn profile? I’ve added mine…


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  1. 1ndonesia says:

    Good info to know Subh. Why I don’t received it in my email?

    • sghoshoxon says:

      Have you subscribed to the blog using the ’email subscription box’ in the right hand panel? If you have, then you will get a confirmation email in your inbox. Check your spam folder – maybe it landed there. Thanks, Subhasish

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