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ONLINE CHAT feature on LinkedIn – Is it COMING?

Facebook has finally included the long-awaited and overdue ‘Subscribe Button‘. What next – Is LinkedIn going to add an ONLINE CHAT feature similar to Facebook anytime soon? Well, cannot say as of now, but it’s pure speculation.

ONLINE CHAT – It’s definitely one of the most important features that I miss at times being on LinkedIn 24/7. Especially, owing to following reasons:

1. At times, you can see your associates online, from feeds coming in live, but how do you contact them? No way out. Need to send a message which is a laborious task.

2. Recruiters would benefit the most from this feature. Technically, the ONLINE CHAT feature should be ‘for connections only’. So what recruiters now do is:

Send “add to connections” request to a prospect –>  He/she approves –> Recruiter send a message –> They talk via message and then take it off board LinkedIn to “communication via emails”.

But let’s now think we have an ONLINE CHAT feature. The process flow could change thus:

Send “add to connections” request to a prospect –> He/she approves –>
case1: if both online, recruiter send message (similar to Facebook) –> both chat –> take chat off board.
case2: if prospect offline, recruiter can still leave a message on chat (similar to Facebook).

3. Independent Consultants, Sales & Marketing professionals, am sure, will welcome this feature with open arms as well. I have received messages from prospects wishing to know more about one or more of our product/service offerings, and after a while, it becomes extremely irritating to exchange messages continuously, when you know – the other person is online at the same time. So only way out is to exchange Skype ids and take the chat off board LinkedIn. This is technically a loss for LinkedIn – since average time on site is decreasing.

4. Besides excellent user experience, this feature can generate revenues for LinkedIn as well. Chat feature can be bundled with your account type:

> free account –> Chat limited to 1,000 chats in 30 day period across 10 people.
> premium account –> Chat limited to 5,000 chats in 30 day period across 30 people.
and so on…

Time maybe LinkedIn added an ONLINE CHAT feature.
What do you guys say, eh?

1 thought on “ONLINE CHAT feature on LinkedIn – Is it COMING?”

  1. This is actually good idea. way back in mid 2010 I thought of the same and tried to capture various views of linkedin users. Although most of respondents were against such kind of messenger/chat facility. But I am still in favor of the same. Not sure whether this is in linkedin roadmap.

    Here’s link of linkedin QA:

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