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Fake “Location” in LinkedIn profiles

This happened a few weeks ago, decided to write about this today, since have some time in the morning… A few days ago, I was chatting with a colleague of mine from one of our client locations in India (city & company withheld) through Skype. Nice chap with nice chip on his shoulders, our conversation went something like this:

myself: mate, how come you travel so often to the US, UK, Latin America, Asia and so on? It must be great visiting these countries, right? I work at a Senior position for a US-based company, but never got the opportunity to travel so often…you’re one lucky bastard!

friend: dude, what the ****? You kidding or what? I don’t even have a passport.

myself: what’s that supposed to mean? you always update your location in your LinkedIn profile to where you are working, right?

We both nearly died laughing.

Anyways, the deal is, as he explained:

  1. Sometimes its Company-Policy. Which dictates Business Development Managers (BDM), BDE, BM, PM, Senior PMs to update their LinkedIn profile “Location” to something like NY, Austin, Chicago, London, Miami, Tokyo etc. –  makes the company look bigger, with consultants/bdms bringing business from far off places and more professional.
  2. Sometimes for FUN. Company has no such policy. Employees want to do some masti. So, they keep on updating their Location preferences from time to time. – makes the guys looking for a prospective bride look cooler.

So, I asked my friend, which one are you? He said – neither. I was like – wtf? Right now you said, either 1 or 2. He was like – “no, dude, I just put the places I always wished to visit. Like Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore. Thinking of putting my next Location to Las Vegas….” I nearly died laughing… )))) So, is your Location in your LinkedIn profile for real???? Mine is, at least ))) 😉

1 thought on “Fake “Location” in LinkedIn profiles”

  1. hey dude, this is Steven from Arizona. nice blog, came across from google. btw, i have myself come across this problem when dealing with Indian clients as well. they have a tendency to update the locations to anywhere they wish, which becomes meaningless sometimes when trying to work with them. nice post and relevant too!

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