I have a few suits… but they are kinda old already… 3 of them I purchased when in the U.K., rest 2 were tailored in India… so I thought of getting 3 new ones done… love to wear suits, I must admit!!! So walked into the nearest RAYMOND showroom near my house earlier today; and ordered an Italian cut, bespoke suit… nooooooooooo… Not a 3-piece one, but definitely, a 2-piece one… here’s the pic of it… hey, thats not me in the suit, but some model (due respect to him)… am not sure, I would look the same in it, but anyways, the one which I ordered looks-n-feels quite the same… :)))


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Born in India, educated in Moscow, worked in the UK; Subhasish speaks English, Russian, Hindi & Bengali. Marketing // Strategy // Consulting, Active Blogger, Social Media Evangelist, Apple fan; Thanks to all for reading my blog posts, with 'FewRandomRantings.Wordpress.com' reaching 74,000+ visits since inception. Follow me @nerdometer.

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  1. Sri says:

    u will look great..just don’t want around with a mug in ur hand like the guy in pic 😛 ….

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