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Emailer from Jabong – Sums Up Indian E-commerce Scenario

NB: This blog post is NOT directed against any company, person or group(s) in particular. In fact, I myself have purchased over 25+ items from in the past 4 months. 🙂 Customer Service is impeccable. This promotional mailer from Indian e-retailer (Rocket Internet venture launched in late 2011 in India) pretty much sums… Continue reading Emailer from Jabong – Sums Up Indian E-commerce Scenario

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Consumerification of Games – Latest Fad?

Have seen 'social gamification' of ideas, concepts and thoughts. Social gaming coupled with mobile is more or less the future. But consumerification of gaming - well, really didn't hear of it since Angry Birds burst on to the scene of things. Well, some may call it a disruptive idea. I call it a fad. Read… Continue reading Consumerification of Games – Latest Fad?