Light Grey Suit… can you wear them all year long?

This is a question that I have heard most of my friends ask me from time to time… in fact, I have no clue of the answer to this… so I asked one of my learned friends… who said – well, if the weather permits, you can wear a light grey suit all the year round… I was like – dude, what’s that supposed to mean? he was like – mate, can’t you get it… “if the weather permits” means, if its warm… I was like, oaaaaaakkkkkky!!! But how come I have seen actors wearing light grey suits, even, white ones, in winter… he was like – shut up! They are actors, you morone! lolololol )))))) They can wear undies and roam too… can ya??? I was like – hmmmmm… good point…. anyways, now that I have my Navy Blue suit, here’s the next one which I wanna tailor made…. hey, wish I was the guy in the pic…. lololol )))))


4 thoughts on “Light Grey Suit… can you wear them all year long?”

  1. WOW! the color looks nice. my hubby recently made a suit like this one. Not sure how this looks without a formal tie, but looks excellent in white shirt. best

    1. thanks Geetha. i usually dont wear ties to office everyday, but do once in a while… in fact, i like it the way Brad is wearing it here… its sexy, looking cool… and as u can see from his walk, he’s confident of wearing it… so i kinda wear suits without ties mostly… anyways, thanks. Subhasish

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