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Best Apple Inc. Adverts – Power of Advertising

I often get requests from my friends to forward them clips/youtube videos worth watching, or for getting, correct word would be 'extracting' ideas from these clips for their day to day work, especially if they are working in the Digital Media & Communications industries. Thus, decided putting across a list of some of the most… Continue reading Best Apple Inc. Adverts – Power of Advertising

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The Office – US Series is back

THE OFFICE is back. Bad ass is back. Love watching 'The Office'. Fanatically. Tremendoulsy. Madly. The original UK version of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant is classic, and exhibits top quality British humour at its best. The US one starring Steve Carell is pretty good as well... But I love the hysterics of Andy, Dwight and… Continue reading The Office – US Series is back

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Sonatine – Finest Movie Ever?

There are good movies. There are excellent movies. There are some, which are masterpieces. Comes once in a lifetime. Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, Roman Holiday. And Sonatine. After having watched thousands of English, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Latin American & Chinese movies; I often end up comparing them with one, which I often consider… Continue reading Sonatine – Finest Movie Ever?

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Improving Self-Discipline – Monthly Tests

Self-discipline. It's a very small word, but has profound implications on a person's character and personality traits, either positively or negatively as the person chooses to either accept or refuse it along the way. In fact, I often wonder what made Nadal the person he is, or Bruce Lee the champion he was, or Carl… Continue reading Improving Self-Discipline – Monthly Tests

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VODAFONE – Worst carrier for iPhone in India

iPhone is a great set. Vodafone is the worst carrier. iPhone has been a great experience. Vodafone has been the worst of headaches. After having used the initial iPhone 3G in the U.K.; when I returned to India, bought an iPhone in Oct 2010. iPhone 3GS 32GB. Cost me around INR 46,000 along with activation… Continue reading VODAFONE – Worst carrier for iPhone in India