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Klout Score Celebrations!

Klout score celebrations time! My twitter account @nerdometer finally managed to break into the 60 mark figure for Klout Influence Reporting. As per Klout, I'm a Broadcaster... hopefully my followers aren't bored of my continuous tweets and retweets from Mashable, TechCrunch and other tech sites. Are you using Klout? I had earlier written a blog… Continue reading Klout Score Celebrations!

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Where Klout Fails. Figuring ‘Brand Affinity Quantitatively’.

I like Klout - the influencer score, report and analysis. But I often feel the need of a more concrete analytics which is lacking as of now, detailed brand analysis and finally, some quantitative analysis on how web marketers could use an individual's Klout information (obtained from his twitter handle) for running focused geo-targeted campaigns.… Continue reading Where Klout Fails. Figuring ‘Brand Affinity Quantitatively’.