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The New Wave of Bengali Cinema: Impressive

If you're a fan of Ra.One and Rowdy Rathore type Bollywood movies wherein the actors fly through the sky most times like Superman, and would bring Spiderman and John Wayne to shame with their fighting and shooting skills; then probably this blog post wouldn't make any sense. Otherwise read on. There was a time when… Continue reading The New Wave of Bengali Cinema: Impressive

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Sonatine – A Neo-realistic Masterpiece

There are good movies. There are excellent movies. There are some, which are masterpieces. Comes once in a lifetime. Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, Roman Holiday. And Sonatine. After having watched thousands of English, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Latin American & Chinese movies; I often end up comparing them with one, which I often… Continue reading Sonatine – A Neo-realistic Masterpiece