iPhone App of the Week: Photogene²

This blog actually started out as a place to write stuff on Social Media and Apple. But as time passed, the earlier gained precedence over the latter. Thus, to bring back balance, I've decided to dedicate 2 blog posts exclusively on Apple every week from now on. On Mondays of every week, there would be… Continue reading iPhone App of the Week: Photogene²

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Apple iOS 5.0.1 Update

Apple iOS 5.0.1 is available for download and update. As mentioned in the software update detail box, this update contains improvements and other bug fixes including bugs affecting battery life, bugs dealing with Documents in the Cloud, and improved voice recognition for Australian users using dictation. Products compatible include: iPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS… Continue reading Apple iOS 5.0.1 Update

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The Month as it Was – Tribute, Launch, Celebrations & Change

This one month could sum up an entire life. October 2011. Steve Jobs & Dennis Ritchie passed away. Apple iPhone 4S - the most advanced smartphone in the world was born. Durga Puja & Diwali was celebrated across India with all pomp and grandeur one can think of. And Sprinklr has a new home in… Continue reading The Month as it Was – Tribute, Launch, Celebrations & Change

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Apple MagSafe Power Adapter Fried

Electricity. One of the perils of living in India. India is still in the medieval ages when it comes to providing the basic necessities of life. Food, Water, Electricity, Housing, Rights for Women - these are still the biggest problems in India. But yes, we 'on paper' are the strongest economy in the world, most preferred IT… Continue reading Apple MagSafe Power Adapter Fried

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Apple Way – How to Manage Modern IT Companies

When you hold an iPod or iPhone or iPad in your hands, it speaks volumes of the Apple Inc. culture as well. Lean, Innovative, Striving for Simplicity in Perfection to the limits, where the balance between Simplicity and Perfection gradually becomes so thin, it kinda becomes difficult to differentiate the two. The general idea is:… Continue reading Apple Way – How to Manage Modern IT Companies

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Klout Score Celebrations!

Klout score celebrations time! My twitter account @nerdometer finally managed to break into the 60 mark figure for Klout Influence Reporting. As per Klout, I'm a Broadcaster... hopefully my followers aren't bored of my continuous tweets and retweets from Mashable, TechCrunch and other tech sites. Are you using Klout? I had earlier written a blog… Continue reading Klout Score Celebrations!

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Siri. Your Personal Assistant.

Siri is causing dents. Big ones. Everyone's asking everywhere - What the heck is Siri? Technically, its your Virtual Personal Assistant. Finding a table in your cafe of choice, sending a reminder to your girlfriend, checking out weekend activities in an area you're currently in, booking movie tickets and so on. Siri does all of… Continue reading Siri. Your Personal Assistant.

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iPhone 4S: Most Advanced Smartphone in the World

Stylish. Super sleek. Super fast. Voice recognition through Siri. Not surprised thousands queued outside iStores to get it ASAP. Steve Wozniak included. Apple iPhone 4S is now available in the United States. iOS 5 iCloud Siri Dual-core A5 chip 8 Megapixel camera Retina display Air Play Air Print Face time... and so on and on and… Continue reading iPhone 4S: Most Advanced Smartphone in the World

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BlackBerry Outages – Time to Make the Switch to iPhone 4?

It has been 3 days. BB still has service outages for most parts of EU and in India as well (Middle-East, Africa added to the list now). Am sure its an extremely frustrating experience for BB users, but as the reports tell - it maybe quite a few days till all services are restored to… Continue reading BlackBerry Outages – Time to Make the Switch to iPhone 4?

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Home Office @ Bangalore

Since past 3 months, am working for a NY-based Social Media CRM SaaS start-up - Sprinklr; the folks are amazing, and the work's exciting. Besides, we can work from home as well! Though this is great news for a few of our folks who live pretty far away from our offices in Indiranagar, but not much… Continue reading Home Office @ Bangalore

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Signs of a Winner. How To Spot One.

How do you spot a winner when you see one? Well, there are two kinds of people on earth. Ones who make it big. Others who aspire to be one, but never make it. The difference doesn't lie in the land they were born, what they looked like, whether they were straight or gay, or… Continue reading Signs of a Winner. How To Spot One.

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Best Apple Inc. Adverts – Power of Advertising

I often get requests from my friends to forward them clips/youtube videos worth watching, or for getting, correct word would be 'extracting' ideas from these clips for their day to day work, especially if they are working in the Digital Media & Communications industries. Thus, decided putting across a list of some of the most… Continue reading Best Apple Inc. Adverts – Power of Advertising


Upgrade to Apple iphone4. Help

Okay. I admit, I love Apple. Not per se, I meant, but 'Apple' as a company, products, and the services it offers to its end-users. So been a while, I have been using an ipod nano, ipod shuffle, Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and recently got my iphone 3GS, after upgrading from my older 3G. Now,… Continue reading Upgrade to Apple iphone4. Help