If you’ve a passion for writing, doesn’t matter what – reviews, complaints, bios, poetry and stories maybe… And need a space to write. Do contact me and contribute to this Blog. Sorry, I ain’t got no money, so can’t pay, maybe sometime in the near future if I do get a few rounds of funding 🙂

You can write a regular column on –

  • Apple
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Latest News
  • Music
  • Movie Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Politics
  • Corporate Life
  • Personal Issues
  • Humanity in General
  • Poetry
  • Humanities
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics

and so on and on and on…

You will retain the complete copyright of your Intellectual Property at all times.
Do give me a shout if you wish… Au Revoir!


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  1. Is it fine if the post is already on my blog?

    • sghoshoxon says:

      Hi Suraj. Sure. As I had mentioned – whatever you contribute or write is your ‘Intellectual Property’. So rights is yours. Can be published elsewhere as long as its original and doesn’t have any other Copyright issues.

  2. Cool, then I d like to share couple of my posts… shall drop an email

  3. Rana Paul says:

    Please tell me is it compulsory to write in english only? Is writing in bengali allowed?

    • sghoshoxon says:

      Hey Rana… bengali is a regional language. And not many bengali readers I have. over 90% of my visits come from US/UK/Bangalore and other parts. so would prefer if the articles/blog posts/stories are in English. Sorry for that man! BR, SG

  4. Rana Paul says:

    Nothing tobe sorry friend. I understand. If there is any scope of bengali writing please remeber me and inform me.

  5. Sabitha says:

    Shall i join the bandwagon Mr.Ghosh? I love writing…

  6. bindiya says:

    i love writing espl in
    Social Media
    Latest News
    Movie Reviews
    Book Reviews

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