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Top10 *SOCIAL* Brands in India – How to Improve User-Engagement

Media2Win has an online tool which lets one check out India’s top ‘Most Social’ Brands out there on the 2 most commonly used platforms for branding, end-user engagement, running contests, offering discounts to brand influencers and more – Facebook & Twitter. The tool could be accessed at:

A run through the top brands in the list shows, India’s top10 brands are (dated: June 7, 2012):

> Dove, 7.9 million Likes
> Tata Docomo, 7.5 million Likes
> MTV Roadies, 4.3 million Likes
> Kingfisher, 3.8 million Likes
> Fastrack, 3.8 million Likes
> MTV India, 3.2 million Likes
> Vodafone Zoozoos, 3.2 million Likes
> Pepsi India, 3.1 million Likes
> Facebook India, 2.9 million Likes
> Idea, 2.8 million Likes

Industry break-up:

> FMCG: 2
> Telecom: 3
> Media: 2
> Alcohol: 1
> Apparel: 1
> Digital: 1

Amazing to find that: Retail, E-commerce, Media, Sport, BFSI (Banking) brands are missing in the top10.
A look at the top Banking brands and how they are performing shows –

> Axis Bank: 545,118 Likes; 3,528 talking about this ( # 120 in overall rankings)
> ICICI Bank: 499,984 Likes; 32,006 talking about this ( # 126 in overall rankings )
> Citibank India: 419,018 Likes; 1,936 talking about this
> HDFC Bank: 113,825 Likes; 4,910 talking about this
> Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.: 9,017 Likes; 233 talking about this
> YES Bank: 1,806 Likes; 113 talking about this

A closer look at the pages tells how the top2 brands in the Banking space, Axis & ICICI are approaching social media.

Axis Bank:
> Posts regarding suggestions/feedback/complaints
> Promotion of products (e.g. Axis Bank Travel Currency Card)
> Partner management (e.g. donation to NGOs associated with show, Satyamev Jayate)
> Partner promotions (e.g. posts about Satyamev Jayate)
> Introduction of mobile applications & promos
> Event related posts (e.g. Celebrate Akshay Trithiya with discount on Axis Bank Gold Mohurs)

> More social & user-engagement focus – Fan of the Month contest
> Puzzles to solve
> Cricket related posts
> ‘Know your Bank-note’ series posts
> ‘Did you know’ posts
> Option questions

Axis Bank scores = 2/5 in user-engagement
ICICI Bank scores = 4/5 in user-engagement

REASON: A facebook fan page is a nook wherein people tend to relax, have fun, definitely read up on interesting things, like/share/comment/tag interesting things with friends and fans and followers, but hate seeing ‘promo’ stuff and too much salesy materials. Thus, B2C e-commerce stores in Fb (f-commerce) has been a major failure for top brands. Branding messages, subtle in nature built into an overall story works the best. Thus, simple contest, quizzes, questions & answers tend to get more people to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and TAG the posts. The end-goal is to ‘continuously, sincerely and consciously make an effort to engage, listen, answer, and help the end-user in his/her quest‘.

In terms of Facebook applications usage –

Axis Bank: Meri Zindagi Ka Safar & Meri Zindagi Ki Picture lacks the connection to the brand; are good applications for engagement though. One angle could be Axis Bank Travel Currency Card promotion via brand messaging through the application.

ICICI Bank: The application ‘Fan of the Month‘ is engaging and well planned. Shows a leaderboard, ‘know your rank’ feature and Winners. How to Win? It’s simple, really! All you need to do is – comment on posts on the ICICI fan page and like the posts as well. The more you participate, the greater your chance of becoming ‘Fan of the Month’. This besides being an excellent ‘end-user engagement tool’ is brilliant for bringing virality to the page; via the ‘Invite Friends’ feature wherein you can share this application with your friends on Facebook.

Also another excellent application is the ‘Money Habits Personality Quiz‘. Besides being intuitive; it relates well with a BFSI institution.

When the application finishes, it gives you the result; lets you SHARE and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS as well.
Additionally, as a sum up of the subtle branding message underlying the application, a link to Money Manager on is provided.
Thus, this is a fun way of engaging the user, giving a result and encouraging him/her to use a product.

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