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Dress Stylish during IPL from Sher Singh – World’s First Global Cricket Inspired Lifestyle Brand from India

IPL 2012 has been the most successful IPL so far. Viewership on TV, tickets sales, involvement of sponsors (national & international), ad spending – have all gone up. Rajiv Shukla, the chairman of the IPL recently said that the “response [this year] is rocking” and that “IPL 5 will be a super success”.

Besides the cricket, another aspect of cricket is fashion. A gentleman’s game, cricket was, and still continues to be stylish (in a somewhat subdued sense) in T20 tournaments worldwide. Gone are those days when Test cricketers used to adorn the field in immaculately dressed cricket blazers, cricketing whites and stylish batting and bowling boots. This has all been replaced by colorful IPL Jerseys and cheerleaders…

Two teams that stand out in terms of their fashion sense off the field is SRK’s Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Kings XI Punjab (KingXI). KKR off the field leisurewear has been provided by lifestyle brand, FreeCultr, whereas Sher Singh – World’s First Global Cricket Inspired Lifestyle Brand from India is providing leisurewear for IPL team, Kings XI Punjab.

Speaking at the launch Sher Singh co-founder and CEO Sunjay Guleria  said, “We are extremely excited both about our relationship with Miroma Sport and to be launching the merchandise for Kings XI Punjab. It makes sense that the brand that pioneered the cricket lifestyle label associated itself with an IPL team such as Kings XI Punjab.

Coming to the ubiquitous IPL fashion quotient – Sher Singh’s quality and designs are multiple times better than FreeCultr’s. The Polos are stylish, colorful, excellent logo placement; and most importantly, world class materials at affordable prices.

FreeCultr’s range has just 2 Polos – one in White; the other being in Purple. If you’re looking for a tee collection; the choice is good.

On the other hand, Sher Singh offers a much better range of PolosThe Black Kings XI Punjab Nehru PoloThe White Kings XI Punjab Nehru PoloPunjab Kings XI Lion PoloThe Kings XI Punjab Polo in RedThe Kings XI Punjab Polo. Prices range from: 799/- to 1099/- which is excellent for such high quality Polos.

Sher Singh Kings XI Punjab range of Polos
Sher Singh Kings XI Punjab range of Polos, from 799/- to 1099/- ONLY

And if you’re super stylish… maybe, you could get the Cricket Blazers from Sher Singh as well… Besides oozing sex, they are extremely stylish. Reminds me of my cricketing days in Oxford University. Get them here: Navy Blazer, Olive Brown Blazer.

The Navy Blazer; Rs. 2,549 from Sher Singh

Check out Kings XI Punjab’s David Miller in Sher Singh White Lion Polo at the Chandigarh airport… looks good, eh?

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