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Fascism In West Bengal, under Mamta Banerjee #failmamta

Adolf Hitler. Benito Mussolini. Muammar al-Gaddafi. Pretty confident to say, these gents would have been very proud of Mamta Banerjee, our beloved ‘Didi‘ of West Bengal, the way Didi have had been ruling the state since coming to power. Glimpses of Fascism and Narcissistic behavior.

Ideally, there’s no one to blame. When you go and kick a cement wall, its not the wall to blame, but you being an idiot to go and kick it in the first place. Likewise, the people of West Bengal, i.e. the mandate voted her to power. Knowing very well, she’s extremely eccentric, changes her mood too often, never been a good party worker and doesn’t have a single educated party member in her party, besides wanted criminals, former wagon breakers (now, current Railways Minister of India), and other such hopeless cadres. Still they voted for her… and the result is likewise. Painful.

After getting people arrested for no reason, beating up news reporters on the road in broad day light, laughing at a lady who was raped @ Park Street, beating up intellectuals in the State… to banning newspapers in the libraries, ‘Didi’s journey has been somewhat a ‘maverick’ ride. Besides renaming ‘West Bengal’ to ‘Paschimbanga’, there’s nothing much she has done and accomplished in past 10 months she’s being in Power. And the latest chapter is – ‘getting a Jadavpur University Professor arrested for forwarding an email which had cartoons of Didi‘ (the cartoon in question is attached herewith). The question that arises here is:

1) what the fuck? people can’t make caricatures and forward them to friends for a laugh?

2) Ambikesh Mahapatra, a teacher with the Chemistry Department of the University is beaten up by Party cadres, and then arrested by Police… what the fuck? what is his crime – when he asked – he was told – ‘Cyber Crime‘.

Guys, am sure Didi doesn’t know what that term means. Cause she’s uneducated. But is the police illiterate and uneducated as well? ‘Cyber Crime’ means something else… you fucking morones, not making a cartoon and forwarding them via email. What a disgrace.

3) and then he was told ‘its a bailable offense‘. Yet, he was not given bail, and kept all night in the lock-up.

The spoof, which is being widely circulated on the internet, has lines from the film ‘Sonar Kella’ by Satyajit Ray, in which a boy called Mukul is duped by two criminals into believing that they caused a “wicked man” — who is actually a good person — to “vanish”. In the spoof, the “wicked man” who has “vanished” is former railway minister Dinesh Trivedi, forced out of office by Banerjee in March.

That is not only a criminal offense as per Rules of the Indian Constitution, but a disgrace to the entire country’s Legal Structure as well.

So what can be done?

I would ideally say – Bongs should wait for time to pass. Just 10 months have pass. Till next vote, bear her and then once you do get the chance, kick her out to oblivion.

In the meanwhile, build up a social media campaign against her, say, in facebook and twitter, tag every tweet using #failmamta, and then before elections, build it up against her. Get a million tweets going, build up over a million followers… and ideally get her activities on record for the world to see. Because over time, am sure many such events will take place, and its always good to keep a central record for her and her party’s events.

Hope – I don’t get an Arrest warrant in my name soon for writing this blog post… You never know what ‘Didi’ may do… So start tweeting, and hashtag every tweet with #failmamta

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