IPL – Is it Really CRICKET?

IPL 2012 starts in 3 days. Its a circus – comedy of errors – anything but cricket. Besides the sexy cheerleaders – there’s not much one can watch during IPL matches – most of the cricket quality is so poor – its better not to get into the details. Definitely, there’s a few exceptions – a hundred here and a 5-wicket haul there – but overall, its anything but cricket.

Not because I’m a Test cricket fan. But more cause I’m a fan of pristine quality – over quantity and sub-standard quality – in life, work, anything I do or aspire doing – and thus, definitely cricket.

During my university days, I played some semi-pro cricket myself at Oxford University – both at the XI League level (OUICCL) and Oxford One-day tournaments (called ‘Cuppers’). On seaming wickets, I struggled through the entire summer of 2005-2006. My batting average was far below par – at something round 11.00 in 30 matches or so. Which left me heart-broken and one of the biggest tragedies of my life after having scored phenomenally in school, high-school and pre-university level cricket in India. Which shows why Indian batsmen can’t score a shit when on seaming wickets with the ball swinging around.

Thus, a bunch of monkeys getting paid such substantial amounts during IPL appears as a joke – when most of the idiots (including our senior players) can’t score a dozen of runs once in England, Australia and South Africa. The complete whitewash against England and one of the most disastrous Indian tours ever in Australia (recently finished) proves my point.

I read someplace – IPL produces good players. That’s worse than whore shit. None of the stars of the IPL in any of the previous 4 seasons of the IPL managed to make an impression on the world stage.

Which often brings me to the question that I ask myself – Does God produce ‘talent’ and ‘genius’ as he/she wishes randomly? I guess so. Then, how could Kapil, Imran & Wasim Akram and the likes of these – came up with no cricketing background whatsoever… no IPL to back their arses up.

Especially, brings to memory the 1992 World Cup final… I was 12 at that time… and was so much in love with cricket… was up all day and night before the final… backing Pakistan and Imran Khan to lift the Cup. And when Akram got Sir Ian Botham (Beefy) removed in the first over itself with a ‘ripper‘ (still considered as one of the finest deliveries of that World Cup 1992) – I fell from my chair shouting… And his final 2 wickets of Alan Lamb and Chris Lewis… were ‘peaches’ or ‘jaffa’… as all batsmen since them have called those 2 deliveries – ‘virtually unplayable‘ – left me in love with this game…

The first delivery to Alan Lamb was ‘AROUND’ the wicket, pitched in, swung in, straightened up, and then swung back (reverse swing). –> As per theory, you cannot do a reverse from around the wicket. Its just not possible. How he did it – God knows! (watch 0:00 to 0:24 seconds in the clip below)

The next delivery in the same over was bowled to Chris Lewis (with Imran walking up to Akram and telling him – NOT to bowl a reverse, an inswinging yorker or outswing). Akram bowled – which is still one of the best deliveries ever to be bowled in all World Cup matches – a “full length inswinging” delivery. The ball pitched on ‘full length’, and swung back in from around a ‘foot outside off-stump’ to crash into the stumps. (watch 0:27 to 0:35 seconds in the clip below)

These 2 were the best 2 deliveries ever bowled in that FINAL, and the 2 best deliveries of Akram’s illustrious career.

Can we see such quality at IPL?
Can the IPL produce such cricketers?

I doubt.


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