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Finally… Kahaani (2012) stands out

Dump of shit. Boring. Idiotic scripts. Hilarious acting. Cheap items songs. Common tale for most Bollywood movies. In the recent past.

Finally, a movie worth writing about. I usually don’t watch Bollywood crap – cause time is limited – its better to watch good ‘neo-realistic’ or ‘existentialist’ Japanese, Korean, Chinese movies. Worse – watch ‘Hollywood movies’. But Bollywood is a collective dump of shit.

A few definitely do stand out – ‘Dil Chahta Hai‘, ‘Ghulam‘, ‘Life in a Metro‘, ‘Lagaan‘, ‘3 Idiots‘ etc.

Kahaani – definitely does stand out as well. Was not hoping to watch it until I saw the promos on TV. Looked awesome. And then word of mouth – from friends, colleagues and even distant ones – made it clear to me – that the movie’s good. Pretty awesome. Definitely NOT a Takeshi Kitano ‘Sonatine‘, or Luc Beson’s ‘Leon‘. But worth watching.

Finally managed to watch it. Pretty awesome. Definitely goes into my personal DVD collection.

Besides Vidya Balan’s acting, what amazed me was her timeless beauty. Absolutely fell in love with her eyes. So amazing. Haven’t watched her previous efforts – Parineeta (2005), Paa (2009), Ishqiya (2010), No One Killed Jessica (2011), The Dirty Picture (2011). But having watched a few thousand International movies – am supremely convinced, she’s got some ‘kick-ass’ talent.

Parambrata Chatterjee has done well. Never watched any of his movies as well. But from what I’ve heard from people – he’s a solid character actor in Bengal. Unfortunately, haven’t watched any of his movies. But quite impressive. And Nawazuddin Siddiqui – probably the best actor amongst the 3. Am confident he’s getting a nomination as ‘Lead Actor in Supporting Role’ for his role ‘Khan’ in all up-coming Film related awards in India.

The story is a mix of 2 famous movies – with a new backdrop – Kolkata. ‘Ajussi‘ (The Man from Nowhere) & ‘Nikita‘ by Luc Beson. But I wouldn’t take the credits away from the directors or writers whatsoever. To choose Kolkata as a backdrop for the setting – is sexy and bold enough to impress people. Including myself.

All the nuances of the Bong culture is depicted so well. Besides the culture – the city as such as been showcased extremely well, without hiding the different ugly faces it can show from time to time. Loved some of the dialogues. Absolutely gorgeous.

Last but not the least – ‘Ekla Cholo Re‘ by BigB is simply amazing. Singing such a famous patriotic song in his baritone takes a lot of balls. And yes, he sang pretty well. As far as I am concerned, am impressed. But my favorite soundtrack from this movie has to be: “Piya Tu Kaahe Rootha Re” by Javed Bashir. Simply amazing.

Overall: 7/10
Soundtracks: 7/10
Must watch – highly recommended


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