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The Unfortunate Case of West Bengal (Paschimbanga)

Civilizations advance with time. Cultures mature with time. A man of refined taste matures to become a ‘man of acquired taste’ with time. But the queer case of West Bengal is strangely queer. Quintessentially, ‘What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow‘ has now become, ‘What India thinks today, Bengal dares not to dream about it in 100 years‘.

Besides getting renamed from West Bengal to ‘Paschimbanga’, nothing has changed through time. The state virtually remains the same. Bankrupt. Trying to break off its shackles, but helpless. Cause Bengalis, themselves, often referred to as ‘Bongs’ by outsiders, are the strangest people on Earth.

They are intellectuals, but afraid to tread the new path.
They love art, but afraid to paint what’s in their heart(s).
They love revolutions, but don’t have enough balls to face the bullet.
They love rosogollas, but suffer from diabetes, and high sugar, and thus, can’t eat them.
They love to respect others (quintessentially women), but the Chief Minister of the state calls the ‘woman’ who was recently raped, brutally tortured and beaten up by 5 men (whilst returning from a nightclub a few days ago @ Park Street) “as an effort by the Opposition to malign the name of Trinamool Congress“.

What an utter shame!

Sometimes, I feel so disheartened, and disillusioned about the folks in Bengal. A state in ruins, bankrupt, with virtually no future – lying in dire straits. I had hoped a change in Government may assist Bengal to rise from the ashes, but looks like – Bengal is destined to be the next Bihar. After all, Bengal has the highest number of female rape cases in the country for the past 3 years in the row. What a shame!

CM spoke about bringing Parisian lighting to the streets of Kolkata.
CM spoke about making the Ganges – the ‘Thames of India’.
CM spoke about opening all the closed / shutdown factories.
CM spoke about multi-billion dollar investments in the state.
But CM forgot, maybe a woman when shouts out – she’s been raped, most chances are – she’s not lying.

Finally, thanks to JCP (Joint Commissioner of Police – Crime), Dayamanti Sen, it has now been proved – she was raped. And 3 of the 5 already arrested. And what is more disheartening and disgraceful is – the CM of the state, Mamata Banerjee, still didn’t call the lady to apologize for her rash statement.

West Bengal - with a great British Past, with a bleak Indian future

Finally, it took courage for a woman to step forward and fight against the Government. West Bengal government often says – ‘We brought back Democracy by coming to power’. Maybe the CM needs to get an education on the definition of ‘democracy’.

If you’re visiting the state for work, education or otherwise, be careful. A state, left, better avoided.

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