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The Hardest Part

Hardest Part. You didn’t mean to offend someone, but the person is pissed off on you. Hardest Part is to live with it every day. And be Happy.

I recently joined a new organization wherein the people are so nice, kind and warm. Especially connected with a pretty lady, and we immediately gelled well. She invited me to sit next to her… and we were the best of pals immediately. Extremely happy, helpful and lively, she’s the perfect pal. And then one fine day, out of the blue – she started stereotyping people whilst at lunch. What ‘Bongs’ do and what they don’t… and what ‘Gujjus’ do and don’t. Extremely pissed off on her, I stopped talking to her and changed places to sit someplace else.

Since then we haven’t spoken much. I apologized to her for over-reacting since personally, I hate stereotyping people based on their caste, creed, sex, sect and religion/beliefs. Africans do this, Brits do that, Americans are this, Indians are that… its not only derogatory, but shows poor personality, education and upbringing.

Since then we haven’t spoken much.
We don’t look at each other.
And don’t talk much (besides professional work cause we work in the same team, so have to communicate anyways).

But I still miss those times with her, when we were best pals.
But I still miss those times with her, when we used to high-five!!
But I still miss those times with her, when we used to laugh at anything and everything.
Sometimes I feel, maybe we weren’t best pals, just 2 human beings trying to be nice to each other! 😦

Any solution or suggestions to cheer her up? 😦

Everything I know is wrong
Everything I do, it’s just comes undone
And everything is torn apart

Oh and it’s the hardest part
That’s the hardest part
Yeah that’s the hardest part
That’s the hardest part

7 thoughts on “The Hardest Part”

  1. grow up, she was probably just joking around. don’t take yourself so seriously dude. If she didn’t like bongs she would have never asked you to sit next to her to begin with

  2. i think i know what you mean my friend !!! sometimes pretty girls aren’t as pretty as you think they are !
    I met this damn pretty damsel of lately and she seemed so positive and nice to talk to and so i asked her out to dinner, she said sure, why not!!
    My world had completely changed, i felt jitters all over my body , finally the day came,
    we went out to this wonderful place , candle light, soothing music when suddenly she looked at the waiter and said……
    ayee bhai thoda thandaaa la na !!!!

  3. hey deude !!

    i love cal to start with ! i think it is one of the best places ive ever been to ,
    listen this girl about the girl giving you the problem,
    whats her number ??
    my name is rizvan an im not a terrorist ! that previous comment is mine only , the name
    got auto checked ! listen i think you should go to the girl and tell her

    aiii challl ….mere pas thanda naii hai !!!!! ?????

    good idea ?

    1. dude… no time for that… i type in something at 2-3am usually when have some time… this blog was initially started as just keeping notes online… and then became a full-fledged blog… and then got shit loads of visits etc.. and some of the posts went viral etc… all this was never intended… anyways, thanks for reading… and comments… much appreciated. merci! SG

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