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Nokia 808 PureView smartphone – too pompous?

Nothing against Nokia. But checked out the latest Nokia 808 PureView smartphone reviews. Not a bad effort at all. But the question is - is this smartphone worth its price? INR 32,000. And why on earth would someone need a 41-MP camera smartphone? Its best to purchase a camera and use it rather. Just my… Continue reading Nokia 808 PureView smartphone – too pompous?

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The Unfortunate Case of West Bengal (Paschimbanga)

Civilizations advance with time. Cultures mature with time. A man of refined taste matures to become a 'man of acquired taste' with time. But the queer case of West Bengal is strangely queer. Quintessentially, 'What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow' has now become, 'What India thinks today, Bengal dares not to dream about it… Continue reading The Unfortunate Case of West Bengal (Paschimbanga)

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iPhone 5 Release Date – On Steve Jobs’ First Year Death Anniversary?

iPhone 5 is on the way. Soon. But when - the release date, is the million dollar question. There are a few rumors in the market - pertaining to the reason and exact date of the official release of iPhone 5. Personally, having followed Apple's past history of product announcements, I feel: Apple will NOT… Continue reading iPhone 5 Release Date – On Steve Jobs’ First Year Death Anniversary?

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Lacoste – Unconventional Chic

Lacoste. Founded by René Lacoste in 1933, Lacoste is synonymous to high-end, high-quality clothing, footwear and perfumes. Besides Armani (which is my favorite brand), Lacoste is one of the brands closest to my heart. My dad gifted me a Lacoste Polo when I was a teenager, which was around decades old (my dad used to wear it… Continue reading Lacoste – Unconventional Chic

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Bean Bags – Love it Or Hate it?

I like Bean Bags. So got 3 of them for my new flat in New Delhi for guests to sit when pals drop in for beer! Here's some pics from my room... a 32" LCD is missing... which I will get soon...

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The Hardest Part

Hardest Part. You didn't mean to offend someone, but the person is pissed off on you. Hardest Part is to live with it every day. And be Happy. I recently joined a new organization wherein the people are so nice, kind and warm. Especially connected with a pretty lady, and we immediately gelled well. She… Continue reading The Hardest Part