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If Your Company’s Product or Service comes on 1st page in Google Organic Search, Would you USE AdWords?

I recently had a chat with a guy working at Google. As expected – since he is working in Google AdWords dept in Sales, ‘AdWords’ means the world to him. He asked me – if you’re a top International Brand, would you use Google AdWords for lead-generation? His argument was – he would recommend Google AdWords to anyone from ‘Mercedes, Porsche, Nike, Chanel, DKNY, Gucci to someone trying to sell his underwear on the net’. My question to him was – does any of these above mentioned brands depend on Google AdWords for revenue generation? These brands are not brands anymore, they are overall experiences. I have never seen a ROLEX Google AdWords ad. Someone wanting to buy a ROLEX will do it even if God asks him not to.

Well, he didn’t reply but he mentioned – Google has recently done an internal research which shows these brands can benefit from Google AdWords. How, I asked? He didn’t know how.

What is bad about Google is – they’re trying pathetically to control the net. Pathetically – I mention – cause instead of even understanding my argument – the chap kept on mentioning – Google can bring results. I completely disagree.

I mentioned to him the story about ‘building an experience’ and NOT forced selling. But as it so happens – he’s been trained to SELL Google AdWords. 🙂

Likewise, our discussion turned towards Android. Touched me emotionally, since I absolutely hate, abhor, despise and detest Android and Android users on earth. To me – an Apple product is the final destination a man (or woman) can reach. Psychologically, Physically, Metaphysically, Emotionally and back. My grandmother wants to know – whether she can take the pic of her granddaughter in a party (one click) and share it across Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr in second click. Yes, via Instagram on iPhone. Is that possible on Android?

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Anyways, my learned friend has decided being a faithful Google employee and using Android phones for life. As for myself, I do what Steve Jobs always used to say – “Do what you LOVE. You’ve got to find what you LOVE. As with ALL MATTERS OF THE HEART, YOU’LL KNOW WHEN YOU FIND IT“. I would rather follow my heart, use an iPhone for the rest of my life and NEVER work at Google than working there and using a crap shitload of Android.

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