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Pinterest Bug Workarounds

Pinterest is my latest Facebook. Mostly because of 2 reasons – Firstly, I prefer to see more than hear, listen or read. And secondly, its always fruitful and more fun when I get to see things which appeal to me based on my interests rather than watching useless comments, arguments, photos and links uploaded by people on Facebook. Thus, my interest on Pinterest has grown through time, and yes, must say, I am absolutely loving it (if you need an Invite, just leave a comment with your email id. Shall send you one).

Here’s my Pinterest wall:

As you may already be knowing, Pinterest is a work in progress. Tremendous strides – they have made in the past 18 months or so (growing 40-fold in past 6 months). But if you’re spending a lot of time pinning things, then – chances are, you will come across a few bugs from time to time. Don’t panic. Just stay calm and continue pinning or just come back after a few hours.

The top 3 that I encounter from time to time are:

1. Not pinning from website: If I repin from withing Pinterest, it works perfectly fine. But when you’re trying to pin something from the Web, it fails. Thus, you see ‘Image of a Pin’ instead of the Pin. Have faced this multiple times – and usually, I stop pinning, and come back after a few hours and see that this bug has been fixed.

2. Pinned, but visiting Pin gives 404 error: Have encountered this a few times in the recent past. Don’t panic. It doesn’t mean your pin didn’t get pinned, it in fact, did. But the link from the pin in database to the front-end is broken. This is a bug which Pinterest guys need to fix permanently soon. When I face this error, what I do is simple. Come back and check the pin after a few hours – if it works, excellent. Otherwise, delete and create a new pin.

3. Pinning videos from YouTube: There are 2 bugs here…

3.a) YouTube pinning: Sometimes you shall see, only image previews are appearing and the clip is not getting pinned. Don’t panic. Just close the browser tab, and initiate the pinning process for the clip again.

3.b) YouTube URL: If you’re visiting from a country like India or some other country, other than US, you will find, YouTube asks for your geo-location. I have found this bug in Pinterest wherein it fails to pin if you change the URL from the general URL to one which includes country code. In other words, suppose, I wish to pin a Zidane clip “Zidane Scientist” from YouTube.

URL: gets pinned.

But, once country code included, the URL: FAILS to pin.

Thus, if you’re pinning clips in Pinterest, do NOT change the geolocation when prompted by YouTube.

Have sent the link to the Pinterest guys… hope they will fix these soon. Overall, Pinterest is the way to go… Wishing the folks there a very Happy New Year… and keep up the good work 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pinterest Bug Workarounds”

  1. I’m new to Pinterest, but I’m loving it! I have had some issues on the iPhone app, where it shows I suddenly have no pins, no friends, no anything. I wait a bit, and it resolves itself.
    Nice post!

    1. Hi… thanks for the comment… Yes, they’re continuously working on these issues am sure on their side… and trying to resolve them… Haven’t tried the iphone app cause primarily using the Web for Pinterest… but yes, its an exciting networking site… and though primarily skewed towards things which are predominantly visual – but overall, has been an excellent experience on Pinterest so far. 🙂

  2. Pinterest drives me crazy with its bugs! It never seems to be working right. I love it, but I wish they’d try a little harder to fix some of its issues.

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