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Aakash – The Tata Nano of Tablets?

I personally stay away from cheap items. Especially when it comes to clothes, shoes, electronics and food. The bare essentials should be stuff of pristine quality and not quantity. Means, buy an Apple MacBook Pro for your essential work, rather than buying 4 DELL laptops. Buy an Armani jacket for that special evening with your sweety rather than wearing 4 jackets on 4 evenings which look cheap. Same goes for car. Same for my tablet.

Tata’s Nano was a flop. Often burst in flames (here, here, here, here). Not sure anyone buys Tata Nano anymore. On the other hand, Tata recalled the 140,000 cars sold in the past and thereby created world record of creating the biggest automobile recall in Indian history. 🙂

Aakash tablet… launched with much fan fare… is it worthy of a purchase – is the question?

Personally, I haven’t use it. But most of the tabs that I either purchased previous year (Beetel MAGIQ Tab for INR 9,999) or got an opportunity of working with, was a downer. Nothing – absolutely none of the tablets come close to Apple iPad2. Looks, features, touch screen and in overall style and panache.

Anyways, lets see how it goes. As of now, looks like Aakash has a very big job on their hands trying to please their existing customers. Found one quite upset here on TechCrunch’s article: India’s Low-Cost Aakash Tablet Pre-Orders Hit 1.4 Million. Shabnam Aggarwal, Senior VP at Aakash Ubislate Datawind didn’t get back to him which is quite rude in fact, when she was earlier there trying to promote the tab. Is customer service really dead?

Personally, I’ve 2 questions:

1. Can we freely post in facebook, tweet using this tablet? Or are they being monitored and censored by the Indian Govt.?

2. Do we need to purchase Insurance along with this tablet? Like, there’s a joke amongst friends in India – if you wish to kill someone, gift him/her a Tata Nano. Either the brakes will fail or the car in most cases catches fire! Either way, you will WIN. So, anything like that associated with this tab?????


3 thoughts on “Aakash – The Tata Nano of Tablets?”

    1. Thanks for the kind words Swamiji. You didn’t answer my humble question: Do we need to get life insurance cover when we purchase Tata Nano or does it come along with the car itself? Would be nice, don’t you think – composite package. Get a car, get 20Lacs Insurance free… nice 🙂

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