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New Year Items… Music, Muffins & Shopping!

Happy New Year 2012 to all! This year was a roller coaster – lots of work and more and more. Anyways, am looking for a challenging, fun and more exciting life in 2012!

Firstly, the goodbyes! Bangalore – the green city in India has been great to me since past 2 years. But All Good Things (Come to an End). Nelly Furtado was right. My current organization is a terrific one – thoroughly enjoyed it. Its definitely the coolest, most relaxed – and mentally satisfying workplace I’ve ever worked at. My team members (Suhas, Sheron, Shradha, Kanika) in Bangalore and in the US are the best. Wishing them all the very best in life and all future endeavors. The Tech team were as energetic and cool as they can ever be. A special thanks to Sunny & all. The folks – based out of NY – were the coolest ever. Definitely the best bosses I had worked with in a long long long time… and this I say, without any reservations whatsoever. Starting with building a team of Sprinklr at India (here, here, here, here & here), looking for office spaces, getting one finally, and moving in it… till celebrating the birthdays (here, here, here) & good times we had together – were indeed special. I will always remember them. Definitely the coolest place I’ve ever worked and would probably work in a long time to come. Having said this – I’m moving to another city for work soon. Look forward working with the folks there and hope it would be challenging and yet, fun to work with these guys at the same time.

Saying Good Bye Isn't The Hard Part

Secondly, the New Year 2012. Not much on the cards – packing! But definitely music, and eating muffins is on the cards! So checked out the songs in my iTunes which were sitting in the ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist. Here’s the screenshot. These were the most played songs on my Mac. Lets sum up the year with a snapshot!

Sonatine I – Act of Violence, composed by famed Japanese composer, Joe Hisaishi, from Takeshi Kitano’s epic Asian movie, Sonatine is a classic! You can listen to it anytime. Next 2 are from Pakistani bands, ROXEN and FUZON. Excellent songs as well. Especially, ‘Aakhon Ke Sagar‘ by Ustad Shafqat Amanat Ali is one of the best songs of this decade. Next are 2 International hits – Forever by Chris Brown and Pieces by Red. Sum total = 759 times I’ve listened to these 5 tracks! Amazing!

Finally, we have apple tarts and apple pie muffins! Without these – Xmas ain’t over! Used to eat loads of these back in the U.K. Here in India, we don’t get these much – but still if you look for them in Pastry shops; you may find them.

Image from

Winter shopping this year was limited. Since am traveling soon to a colder place, needed to get some woolen mufflers, a full sleeve V-neck sweater from Sher Singh; and a Designer Leather jacket.

Classic Cricket Sweater in Navy Blue
Label: Sher Singh
Price: INR 1,575

Nappa Leather Slim Fit Jacket
Label: Custom made
Price: INR 9,000

This Winter, keep safe and keep warm! Till next year 2012, wishing all a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year again! 🙂

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