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Multi-Touch Mouse: Microsoft Or Apple?

Smoother – sleeker – more efficient and ergonomic in design – some of the common traits between the Microsoft Multi-touch mouse and Apple Magic mouse. Technically, since Microsoft has gotten better over the years in stealing, or euphemistically put, ‘borrowing’ ideas from Apple and delivering it in new packages – the Microsoft Multi-touch mouse is available in 3 types:

  • Touch mouse @ $ 79.95 (~ INR 4,212)
  • Arc Touch mouse @ $ 59.95 (~ INR 3,158)
  • Explorer Touch mouse @ $ 49.95 (~ INR 2,631)

All 3 could be seen at:

If you’re using Windows 7 and don’t have a multi-touch mouse as of now, the ‘Touch Mouse’ @ $ 79.95 could be a good buy for yourself as a Xmas gift!

7 gestures for Windows 7
1. 360 scrolling
2. Forward/Back
3. Maximize/Minimize
4. Snap
5. Restore
6. Instant Viewer
7. Clear Desktop

Because the Touch Mouse features BlueTrack Technology, it works better than virtually any other mouse on just about any surface—the sofa cushion, glossy counter top, rough wood bench—you name it. Connect wirelessly through the USB nano transceiver for a 10-foot range. – as the MSN website says.

As for Mac users out there, if you’re still using the older Mac mouse, its time for you to upgrade to the newer Apple Magic mouse. Priced @ $ 69.00 (~ INR 3,600), this could be one of the best additions to your Mac hardware if you choose to get it. I’ve been using one over the years, and believe me – the multi-touch functionality is simply awesome. Makes you glide through your work effortlessly – without even realizing at times – that you’re still using a mouse. One additional thing – since it runs on batteries, you will need to recharge them as you go along. Thus, an Apple Battery Charger needs to be bought @ $ 29.00 (~ INR 1,500).


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