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Is Tweeting Questions for Answers in Exam Cheating?

I wish we had Facebook & Twitter – when we’re at school. Or high-school. At least at the Uni. Unfortunately – we didn’t. Thus, had to do all my assignments – all alone. And it sucked big time. Wish we had facebook, digg, stumbleupon, and most importantly twitter at high school. Would have been the best place on earth to post questions – for assignments, home works and projects on Facebook and get feedback. Especially, solve my math problems!

Crowdsourcing – semester-end projects would have been so much fun!

And twitter! Wow! We could just be innovative and use it – live – in exams – for one line answers.

Now technically – this is cheating! But is it…

If during exam time, a student posts a question in Twitter – and solicits feedback. Technically, the person is not cheating. Cause he/she is simply asking a question. Feedback or answer may or may not be guaranteed. And in most cases, people would reply with 140 character replies. The student could then use that idea to exemplify on the underlying idea and elaborately write an answer.

To me – this is being creative. And ain’t cheating!

Anyways, leaving it to the fine judgement of my respected fellow men!

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