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Obituary: Vijay Marada; A Good CTO, and Friend

The CTO of one of the start-ups that I worked for in Bangalore in 2010, passed away from cardiac arrest a few days ago. An extremely friendly chap, he was my reporting Manager at Always helpful, a happy-go-luck fellow, Vijay Marada, contributed a lot to the start-up, often staying up late – and mostly working over the weekends.

Working hard is fine. But getting obsessed with it – is bad. One needs to go out – party hard, have fun and let his/her hair down once in a while.

Anyways, Vijay passed away in his native town Hyderabad on 6 Dec 2011.

May his soul rest in peace.

(from left-to-right): Sri Priyam, Theo Murray, Myself, Vijay Marada at the 'Louis Allen International Managerial Workshop', Oct 2010, Bangalore



3 thoughts on “Obituary: Vijay Marada; A Good CTO, and Friend”

  1. Mr.Nerdy I am Vijay’s brother. i am very much thankful to u for the concerned u showed on my brother. By sitting in the office i was just searching for my brothers pics, i found this blog. Thanks yaar, for ur words.

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