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AMRI Fire in Kolkata: @mamata_tmc: Shouldn’t You Have Carried Out a Statewise Safety Audit Earlier?

Mamata Banerjee wishes to make Kolkata – the NEW London. Ganges to be converted into Thames. But unfortunately, the state of affairs in WB is in such a condition, it requires either the Will of God, or Titans to come down from their Mountains to rescue Kolkata.

As Omar Abdullah rightly tweeted, whenever we have incidents like #AMRI, it shows India is still a 3rd world country with delusions of grandeur.

Anyways, I sent a tweet to Mamata (@mamata_tmc), didn’t receive a reply. Not sure ever will. She’s still in her MA-MATI-MANOOSH mode…. Wake up! Don’t arrest people for namesake. Do some real safety audits. At least, Omar looks sensible enough to have ‘instructed the Home Deptt to order a fire safety audit of all major hospitals‘. Kudos @Omar.

When will Bengal rise again? For the time being, looks, down in the dungeons! 😦

5 thoughts on “AMRI Fire in Kolkata: @mamata_tmc: Shouldn’t You Have Carried Out a Statewise Safety Audit Earlier?”

  1. There are actually MORE deaths in sum-total in Government hospitals in a year due to various acts of commission and omission. Nothing can remedy this unless party based union in any form for the docs, all the staff and students are banned. In fact this is ethically forbidden in medical and nursing text books. You can do “party” but outside the hospital campus.

    Regarding the London issue, the ONLY difference Calcutta has is HAWKERS everywhere + Sound Pollution. Everywhere in the world a city = houses, streets, footpaths, some parks. In Calcutta we have hideously space occupying hawkers. And in the name of green zone for hawkers and trolley shops for hawkers the current Govt is trying to legalize this, instead of making new market corners or adding story to the existing market corners or creating subway bazaars in the same places. The court has never said that a city cannot do this. There are enough funds as we can add rope-way to Ganga or build 400 crore Moma.
    The other menace is Sound Pollution – unabated mike in some paras all 30 days during Puja months as well as week-longs during 15th |Aug, 26th Jan, or minor personal occasions.

    When these minimum civic rights are ignored, do you think FIRE is an issue? It will be forgotten! Why not ask all the public and private hospitals
    – to issue a certificate of assurance along with their consent forms and info pamphlets that the have enough fire safety measures and accreditation
    – issue a floor plan chart map with Fire Exits shown to a patient when she is admitted
    – name a single person responsible who will be legally responsible in case of a mishap

    1. Hi Reha, extremely well said. Completely agree with all the points you’ve mentioned. But it feels bad to see – commoners are getting sacrificed for political ambitions and incapability of the Govt. Anyways, lets see what Didi can do in coming months. Hope – she really rules with a strong hand which is quite a tough thing to do in WB. Thanks, SG

      1. Thanks a lot. I agree it takes time, maybe years to correct things. And I do believe that change in power every 5 or 10 or at max 15 years is good. However, we really do not need “months” to see the change in direction ( not action or implementation I am saying about) …. for example
        – priorities are not okay
        —- beautify Ganges and Airport only when basic city is healthy and safe and citizns rights are met
        —- lots of new tiles for the footpaths all over calcutta, when these same tiles are getting covered by hawker and hawkerware
        —- 3 lamp short height streetlights when alreay there are tall beautiful street lamps

        Our priorities should have been :

        – Ban party politics within the Government hosp at least in Calcutta – there is NO direction to do this, it takes only days or weeks to announce these
        – Hawker census – Calcutta cannot accommodate infinite hawkers, make a cutoff now, forget politics and make separate markets or malls for them, don’t falsely interpret supreme court sayings – a wrong direction
        – Sound pollution – Rabi songs are good but forcefully playing them at traffic points at high decibels by the CM’s order …. so why will the sound pollution stop? A wrong direction

        Somehow the most common and sensible things are not said, analyzed and demanded by the the “buddhijibis”. Apparently there is no connection between todays FIRE and what I say. But you look deeper – this stems from disregard for basic civic rights. I wish Shubash Dutta who had the guts was told to fight against these rather than on book fair.

        1. Yes, completely agree. Lets see what Didi does with the 6 directors who’ve been arrested. Technically, nothing can be done and nothing will be done. Cause I believe, TMC was supposed to get like 200-250 Crores from these 2 houses (emami and shrachi group) during elections… now ofcourse they want a favor back. 🙂

  2. What does the Fire Dept do all the year? There is no fire everyday or every week. Which means they have ample time to check at least the hospitals and conduct fire drills. Will the Fire Dept publish a list of their daily activity and how the taxpayer’s money is utilized?

    For the time being, its EMERGENCY that we know a list of FIRE-SAFE hospitals – so that for our near and dear ones who needs admission NOW and TODAY we visit only those hospitals.

    By the way, Barry one of TMC’s leader has announced on twitter that Mamata Banerjee is not available on twitter.

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