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What Happens When CEO Lacks Vision: Steve Ballmer Laughs at iPhone

Vision. The single most important thing on Earth – that separates a good CEO from an outstanding one. Steve Ballmer the Salesman. Steve Jobs – the Visionary – the Genius.

Want to know WHY they are where they’re today? Check this video out. Steve Ballmer opening ridiculing iPhone for being an overly priced hardware piece – with no sales whatsoever (when launched in 2007). With the iPhone dominating world market now (more, more, more, more) – and no one – literally no one, unless has been gifted one, using the buggy Windows mobile phone (flop, flop, flop, flop) – Steve Ballmer looks like an Idiot now! In fact, the Windows phone 7 was such a big flop, it finished behind Bada last Q.

Especially, the best parts are:

  • 500$ for a phone?
  • We have a keyboard.
  • I like our strategies.
  • We’re selling millions and millions of phones in the year. Apple is selling 0 phones in a year.

Moral of the Story – If you’re at a Senior position – and wish to climb further – be humble, be aggressive at the same time, but DON’T LAUGH like an idiot on others’ efforts. And more importantly – grow vision. Once great companies – Yahoo!, AOL, Nokia… all lying in the bins, cause the CEO’s and CXO level executives lacked vision.

  • To aptly quote from Jobs: “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish“.
  • Think each day – what you learnt NEW. Brainstorm new ideas.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Move on.
  • And, develop VISION.

Not surprising, that:

A company rating and review website,, regularly quizzes employees of tech companies how they feel about their current CEO asking: “Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?” Unfortunately for Steve Ballmer, Microsoft employees gave him the lowest approval rating of any tech company. 

Microsoft employees gave Ballmer a 40% approval rating which is down from last years 46%. This is not good news for Ballmer who has already been on the board of directors’ naughty list after the failure of the Kin. In 2008, Ballmer said he would retire in 10 years — with his declining approval rating and recent Kin failure — another set of mistakes could move that retirement forward a few years. (web source)

An excellent article on how Ballmer has destroyed Microsoft over the years. Meanwhile, Google & Apple shares have skyrocketed! Technically, Microsoft – unless have decided to head the Nokia or Yahoo! way – needs a new CEO soon.

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