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How Good a Manager are YOU? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

I must acknowledge. I hate watching TV. In fact, haven’t switched on my TV in past 6 months. But there’s one show which I immensely like. In fact, adore. The Office. Though its not as hilarious as the original UK one (starring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant), but the US Series had been excellent as well. Since its very inception.

I had downloaded all episodes of Season 1 – 7 via torrent (yes, got a few warning emails from my ISP Airtel as a result since it totalled around 50GB). Anyways, love watching the Episodes over and over again. Besides being outrageously hilarious, it resonates something more – I can relate to lots of my ex-co-workers with whom I have shared office spaces in the past and see them in real life inside the characters. And who can ever forget Michael Scott? Played by the ever so charming and funny Steve Carell? Who wouldn’t wish to have a boss like that – hilarious, outrageously silly at times, but loves his co-workers as his own blood. Motivated and took care of them as his own children – when the situation demanded.

Thus, was extremely excited to see the Season 8 as well. Even wrote a blog post about it in July.

So, finally, this weekend, downloaded the Season 8 episodes from torrents. And watched them over:

  • 22 September: The List
  • 29 September: The Incentive
  • 6 October: Lotto
  • 13 October: Garden Party
  • 27 October: Spooked
  • 3 November: Doomsday
  • 10 November: Pam’s Replacement
  • 17 November: Gettysburg
  • 1 December: Mrs. California

But to be honest – this Series has really let ‘The Officedown. Without being harsh on the characters – most of them really really playing their characters extremely well, but there’s something missing in the dialogues. I can feel it because there are a few episodes from earlier Seasons which I’ve watched a few dozen times already – yet when I watch them now – still makes me go crazy and burst out in laughter. That didn’t happen even once in all the 9 episodes of the currently running season that I watched.

Thought maybe, its cause of my mood or something. So watched it over again. All 9 of them. Same reaction again. The acting is good, the settings are perfect, but my mind and psyche cannot accept Andy as the Manager and then when I compare Andy’s acting with Michael’s – the result is even more disastrous. Its like comparing myself playing basketball with Michael Jordan. Even worse than that. Thus, in a nutshell, ‘The Office’ – Season 8 is good, but has been a downer for myself. Jim & Pam’s chemistry has been great, Toby – too little, Gabe – absolutely nothing to show, Kelly – not impressive, Robert California (played by James Spader) – the best of the lot so far.

Or is it – that our minds get used to comedy characters and once it does – all the punches of comedy dies out? Maybe that’s why.

Anyways, for all the Managers out there – just to know what kind of Managerial or Management style you have – there’s a lovely quiz you can take. Its called – “The Office – Are You Qualified?“.

Play it here on and see what type of Management style you have. I completed mine and got the following result:

Also from a Social Media Marketing point of view – this is an excellent social media campaign. It uses – Gamification to guide Social Behavior. Which we can see a lot of International Brands are doing for Product Launches, Positioning, Re-branding, and most importantly, for Continuous Meaningful Engagement with their Clients/Customers. Here, the game is so designed, that you can’t do anything but feel happy, yet pleased with the result – and in case you do select the worst results – well, you can always say, “Dude, wtf? This is after all a Game from a TV Show!”

What’s yours Management Style, dude?


2 thoughts on “How Good a Manager are YOU? Take the Quiz and Find Out!”

  1. The eighth season is struggling to find it’s footing after Michael. I totally agree that Andy was the wrong choice for manager; he was much better as a background character with an occasional main storyline.

    I am hoping that they are starting to find their footing; I super enjoyed “Mrs. California”. As far as I am concerned the best thing about the new season is Robert California! When the writers actually give James Spader something to do I love his scenes. It’s great watching a terrific actor at work; of course that is the problem regarding Ed Helms and Andy…he is only a good actor, not a terrific one. Ed is definitely not a Steve Carell or a James Spader.

    1. Completely agree on all points. In fact, I like Andy’s character… his character is cool as well… but at times, it just becomes like – he’s trying his best to copy Michael. And Michael’s comic timing was superb. Andy really really lacks that. Yes, me too – Mrs. California was excellent. Much much much much better than all the other ones. Pam’s replacement and Gettysburg – were so poor. I was like – what on earth was that? Anyways, yes, Spader is iconic for eccentric roles – and he lives up to his expectations. And yes, you hit the nail on the head – Ed Helms is an very good actor – but definitely not a Steve Carell. So lets see.

      As far as I read someplace, Michael may appear for some episodes as surprise guests etc. Lets see whether its true or not. But if I can feel it, its highly on the cards with the TRPs going down. Am sure they will bring him back for a few episodes for getting a massive TRP boost. Lets see! BR, Subhasish

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