Apple MacBook Air, 15-inch… Coming Soon!

15-inch. Air. Thinnest laptop on Earth. A design marvel from Jony Ive, this is touted to be the bestseller for 2012. Currently in final stages of product testing, Apple is going to release: 15-inch Apple MacBook Air in 1st Quarter 2012.

I would definitely get one for sure. I love my MacBook Pro, but use it mostly for desktop purposes. And getting another MacBook Pro was not on my list, since its pointless to tag around another one. And the current Air (11 & 13inches) are too small to do some standard writing, editing work. A 15-inch Air is what I always wanted. So waiting to see the pricing, when it does come out!

The 15-inch Air will complement the current 11.6- and 13.3-inch models already on store shelves.

Some snaps from my current MacBook Pro setup at home…

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